Press Release: Statement by the International Advisory and Monitoring Board on Iraq

December 24, 2003

The International Advisory and Monitoring Board (IAMB) on Iraq met in Washington, DC on 22 December, 2003, and issued the following statement:

"The IAMB continued its discussion of organizational matters. In particular, IAMB reviewed the scope of work for the external auditors to be appointed by the Coalition Provisional Authority to audit the export sales of Iraqi oil, petroleum products and natural gas, and the operations of the Development Fund for Iraq, in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1483 of 22 May, 2003. IAMB attaches the highest priority to this scope of work, and to this end IAMB will provide its comments to the Coalition Provisional Authority before the end of the year.

"The IAMB endorsed the principle of full transparency and decided to establish a web site to disseminate documentation and information related to its operations. Work is in progress and the availability of the web site will be announced shortly."


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