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Carlos M. Asilis:


Title: On Corruption and Capital Accumulation

Author: V. Hugo Juan-Ramon , Carlos M. Asilis

Series: Working Paper No. 94/86

Date: July 1, 1994

Subject: Corruption

Title: Geography, Trade Patterns, and Economic Policy

Author: Carlos M. Asilis , Luis Rivera-Batiz

Series: Working Paper No. 94/16

Date: February 1, 1994

Subject: Economic policy International trade

Title: The U.S. Public Debt : Implications for Growth

Author: Carlos M. Asilis

Series: Working Paper No. 94/4

Date: January 1, 1994

Subject: Investment United States

Title: On the Political Sustainability of Economic Reform

Author: Carlos M. Asilis , Gian M Milesi-Ferretti

Series: Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 94/3

Date: January 1, 1994


Title: Price Controls and Electoral Cycles

Author: Carlos M. Asilis , Pierre-Richard Agénor

Series: Working Paper No. 93/89

Date: November 1, 1993


Title: The Savings Trap and Economic Take-Off

Author: Atish R. Ghosh , Carlos M. Asilis

Series: Working Paper No. 92/91

Date: November 1, 1992

Subject: Economic growth Economic models Investment Private savings Savings