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Title: Revisiting Japan's External Adjustment Since 1985

Author: Guy M Meredith

Series: Working Paper No. 93/52

Date: June 1, 1993

Subject: Japan

Title: An Analytical Framework of Environmental Issues

Author: Jonathan Levin

Series: Working Paper No. 93/53

Date: June 1, 1993

Subject: Fiscal policy

Title: Deer Hunting : Misalignment, Debt Accumulation, and Desired Equilibrium Exchange Rates

Author: Mark P. Taylor , Michael J. Artis

Series: Working Paper No. 93/48

Date: June 1, 1993

Notes: This paper deals with hysteresis in the desired equilibrium exchange rate (DEER) arising from misalignment.

Subject: Debt

Title: Public and Private Investment and the Convergence of Per Capita Incomes in Developing Countries

Author: Mohsin S. Khan , Manmohan S. Kumar

Series: Working Paper No. 93/51

Date: June 1, 1993

Notes: Empirical tests are carried out for a large sample of 95 developing countries over the period 1970-90.

Title: Optimal Tariffs : Theory and Practice

Author: Ali Ibrahim , Arvind Subramanian , Luis A. Torres-Castro

Series: Working Paper No. 93/50

Date: June 1, 1993

Subject: Tariffs

Title: Price Reform and Durable Goods in the Transition to a Market Economy

Author: Pierre-Richard Agénor

Series: Working Paper No. 93/47

Date: June 1, 1993

Subject: Monetary policy

Title: Lessons in Fiscal Consolidation for the Successor States of the Soviet Union

Author: George Kopits

Series: Working Paper No. 93/54

Date: June 1, 1993

Notes: Reviews lessons in fiscal consolidation for the former Soviet Union that emerge from the experience of Central and Eastern European economies in transition.

Subject: Singapore

Title: Toward An Economic Theory of Multilateral Development Banking

Author: Gerd Schwartz

Series: Working Paper No. 93/40

Date: May 1, 1993

Subject: Capital markets Investment

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