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Title: The Wage Bargaining Structure in Norway and Sweden and its Influenceon Real Wage Developments

Author: Alun H. Thomas

Series: Working Paper No. 98/174

Date: December 1, 1998

Subject: Norway Sweden Wages

Title: The Dynamic Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Policy in an Overlapping Generations Model

Author: Ben J. Heijdra , Jenny E Ligthart

Series: Working Paper No. 98/182

Date: December 1, 1998

Subject: Tax policy

Title: The Decline of Traditional Sectors in Israel : The Role of the Exchange Rate and the Minimum Wage

Author: Eric V. Clifton

Series: Working Paper No. 98/167

Date: December 1, 1998

Subject: Israel

Title: Managing Capital Flows : Lessons From the Experience of Chile

Author: Bernard J Laurens , Jaime Cardoso

Series: Working Paper No. 98/168

Date: December 1, 1998

Subject: Chile

Title: Migration and Pension

Author: Efraim Sadka , Assaf Razin

Series: Working Paper No. 98/165

Date: December 1, 1998

Subject: Pensions

Title: Private Saving in Colombia

Author: Juan Ricardo Ortega , Alejandro Lopez Mejia

Series: Working Paper No. 98/171

Date: December 1, 1998

Subject: Colombia Consumption

Title: Fundamental Determinants of Inequality and the Role of Government

Author: Vito Tanzi

Series: Working Paper No. 98/178

Date: December 1, 1998

Subject: Public sector Social policy

Title: Export Credit Agencies, Trade Finance and South East Asia

Author: Malcolm Stephens

Series: Working Paper No. 98/175

Date: December 1, 1998

Title: Monetary Policy in the Aftermath of Currency Crises : The Case of Asia

Author: Taimur Baig , Ilan Goldfajn

Series: Working Paper No. 98/170

Date: December 1, 1998

Notes: This paper is schedule to be presented at the University of Washington conference on the Asian crisis on December 29-30, 1998.

Subject: Inflation Monetary policy

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