2012 Annual Meetings, Washington D.C.
Boards of Governors

International Monetary Fund
World Bank Group
2012—Tokyo, Japan

Program of Seminars: The Role of Asia in a Changing World

October 13, 2012

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Li Daokui, Professor of Economics, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University, China
Barry Eichengreen, Professor, Department of Economics, University of California-Berkeley, United States
Chanda Kochhar, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, ICICI Bank, India
Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, IMF
Masaaki Shirakawa, Governor, Bank of Japan
Maria Bartiromo, Moderator, Anchor, CNBC, United States

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Sendai Dialogue - Press Conference

(21:40) Oct 10, 2012

G-24  記者会見

(17:15) Oct 11, 2012

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