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Real GDP -3.3 0.5
Consumer Prices 9 5.4
Source: World Economic Outlook (October 2016)
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Brazil and the IMF
Updated November 17, 2016

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on October 31, 2016. Listed below are items related to Brazil, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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July 20, 2012 -- IMF Survey: Brazil: Higher Savings and Investment Needed to Sustain Expected Recovery
After strong growth in 2010, the Brazilian economy has slowed down, reflecting past policy tightening to contain inflation risks and, more recently, the weaker external environment.
July 16, 2012 -- Transcript of a Press Conference on Updates of the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook, Global Financial Stability Report and Fiscal Monetary
June 28, 2012 -- 12th IMF Forum on Managing Sovereign Risk and Public Debt: "Managing Sovereign Debt: A Seismic Shift in Demand and Supply Dynamics?" Opening Remarks by Min Zhu, Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
June 25, 2012 -- IMF Survey: IMF Sets Path for Sustainable Development
The IMF outlines a path for sustainable development at a United Nations environmental conference, promoting use of carbon taxes to reduce environmental damage and the gradual removal of subsidies on fossil fuels as a way to generate revenues for governments and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
June 01, 2012 -- Intra-Regional Spillovers in South America : Is Brazil Systemic After All?
Author/Editor: Sebastian Sosa | Gustavo Adler
Series: Working Paper No. 12/145
April 21, 2012 -- IMFC Statement by Mr. Guido Mantega, Minister of Finance of Brazil
On behalf of: Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Haiti, Panama, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago. PDF File Size: 335Kb
April 17, 2012 -- Transcript of the Fiscal Monitor Press Conference
April 12, 2012 -- Seizing the Moment- Thinking Beyond the Crisis, Address at the Brookings Institution By Christine Lagarde
April 11, 2012 -- Transcript of a Press Conference on the Analytic Chapters of the Global Financial Stability Report
March 21, 2012 -- Press Release: Statement at the Conclusion of the IMF and World Bank Financial Sector Assessment Program Mission to Brazil
March 01, 2012 -- BRICs’ Philosophies for Development Financing and their Implications for LICs
Author/Editor: Yongzheng Yang | Nkunde Mwase
Series: Working Paper No. 12/74
March 01, 2012 -- Institutions, Informality, and Wage Flexibility : Evidence From Brazil
Author/Editor: Irineu E. Carvalho Filho | Marcello M. Estevão
Series: Working Paper No. 12/84
February 01, 2012 -- The Puzzle of Brazil's High Interest Rates
Author/Editor: Alex Segura-Ubiergo
Series: Working Paper No. 12/62
January 13, 2012 -- IMF Survey: Big Financial Sectors Under Review in 2012 By IMF
There's one thing all countries learned in the recent crisis: problems in the financial system can have devastating consequences for economic health. In 2012 the IMF will examine some of the world’s biggest financial sectors to help them spot any trouble on the horizon.
December 02, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Emerging Markets Seen as Part of Solution to Global Problems
IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, wrapping up a visit to Latin America, said that the balance of economic power was shifting and that emerging economies were part of the solution to global problems.
December 01, 2011 -- Press Release: Statement by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde at the Conclusion of her Visit to Brazil
December 01, 2011 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by Gerry Rice, Acting Director, External Relations Department, International Monetary Fund
December 01, 2011 -- Effectiveness of Capital Controls in Selected Emerging Markets in the 2000's
Author/Editor: Chikako Baba | Annamaria Kokenyne
Series: Working Paper No. 11/281
November 30, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Spotlight on G-20 as Mexico Takes Over Leadership
With Mexico taking over leadership of the Group of Twenty (G-20) industrial and emerging market countries at a critical time, IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde is visiting Latin America this week and discussed dangers for the global economy and some bright spots.
November 17, 2011 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by David Hawley, Deputy Director, External Relations Department, International Monetary Fund

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