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Canada and the IMF
Updated July 19, 2017

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April 18, 2017 -- Transcript of the Press Conference on the Release of the April 2017 World Economic Outlook
January 30, 2015 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by Hamid Faruqee, Mission Chief to Canada, and Lusine Lusinyan, Senior Economist, International Monetary Fund
February 03, 2014 -- Transcript of a Conference Call on Canada
December 22, 2011 -- Transcript of a Conference Call on the Staff Report for the 2011 Article IV Consulation with Canada
December 23, 2010 -- Transcript of a Teleconference Call on the International Monetary Fund's 2010 Article IV Review of Canada
October 08, 2010 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing of IMF Western Hemisphere Department
April 16, 2010 -- Transcript of the World Economic Outlook Press Conference
March 11, 2009 -- Transcript of a Conference Call on Canada’s 2009 Article IV Consultation
December 19, 2007 -- Transcript of a Conference Call on Canada's 2008 Article IV Consultation
October 17, 2007 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by Simon Johnson, Economic Counsellor and Director of the IMF's Research Department, on the World Economic Outlook's Global Forecast Chapters
June 07, 2007 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by David Hawley, Senior Advisor, External Relations Department
April 21, 2006 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing on the Western Hemisphere Region, IMF, with Anoop Singh, Director, Western Hemisphere Department
March 29, 2006 -- Transcript of an IMF Center Book Forum -- Is Globalization Here to Stay?
November 04, 2005 -- Transcript of an IMF Economic Forum--Reforming the IMF: Governance and the Executive Board
April 16, 2005 -- Press Conference on the Spring 2005 Meeting of the International Monetary and Financial Committee with Gordon Brown, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer and Chairman of the IMFC, and Rodrigo de Rato, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
March 24, 2005 -- Transcript of an IMF Book Forum -- Should Europe Embrace 'Cowboy Capitalism' Or Go Its Own Way?
February 05, 2004 -- Transcript of an IMF Book Forum - Do Developing Countries Have a Say at the IMF?
September 17, 2002 -- Transcript of an IMF Economic Forum -- Governing the IMF
September 26, 2001 -- Transcript of a Press Conference on the World Economic Outlook by Kenneth Rogoff, Economic Counsellor and Director of the Research Department, IMF
April 26, 2001 -- Transcript -- Press Conference on the World Economic Outlook
In my remarks this morning, I will comment briefly on the global economic outlook and key policy issues for the main industrial countries, then turn to David Robinson and Tam Bayoumi for some brief remarks on the rest of the policy and analytical content of the present WEO.
April 05, 2001 -- Transcript -- Economic Forum - Governing Global Finance: The Role of Civil Society
The panel that is here today will focus their presentations on the core questions of the project, namely, to assess the benefits and drawbacks of civil society engagement with global finance to date; and to suggest steps to maximize the benefits and minimize the shortcomings of civil society involvement in global finance.
November 08, 2000 -- Transcript of Economic Forum -- One World, One Currency: Destination or Delusion? November 8, 2000
The title of this panel harks back to a publication of the European Union or the Commission, a report which was, if my memory serves, called One Market, One Money. And in fact it is the creation of that one money in Europe, the euro, that makes today's topic particularly relevant.
September 29, 1999 -- Transcript of Seminar and Panel Discussion on "A Role for Labor Standards in the New International Economy?"
I would like to start, since we have a full agenda on the question of a role for labor standards in the new international economy. We are very glad to be cooperating with the AFL-CIO, with David Smith and his colleagues, and the World Bank, in organizing this program.
June 24, 1999 -- Transcript of IMF Economic Forum on Dollarization: Fad or Future for Latin America
This Economic Forum was held on June 24, 1999
September 30, 1998 -- Press Briefing by Michael Mussa, Economic Counselor and Director Research Department
Transcript of a press conference on the October 1998 World Economic Outlook
December 19, 1997 -- Press Conference of Michael Mussa, Economic Counsellor and Director, Research Department
I'd like to welcome you to the press conference of Mr. Michael Mussa, Economic Counselor and Director of Research of the International Monetary Fund, who will present the IMF staff's Interim Assessment of the World Economic Outlook.