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Czech Republic: Financial Position in the Fund

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Regional Office for Central Europe and Baltics

2000 Annual Meetings
September 19-28, 2000

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Czech Republic and the IMF
Updated November 17, 2015

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IMF Surveys
May 31, 2008 -- IMF Survey:
Food prices, Europe, Michael Deppler, Small States, Abdoulaye Bio-Tchane, Germany, Czech Fiscal Reform, Sustaining Growth, Decline in Funds to Emerging Markets, IMF Loan to Togo, Vietnam's New Challenges, News Briefs. PDF File Size: 710Kb
September 11, 2000 -- IMF Survey:
Agenda for IMF Annual Meetings in Prague; International Capital Markets report; John Odling-Smee discusses transition economies; health care issues; Czech Republic, national economic developments. PDF File Size: 513Kb