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Real GDP 3 5.3
Consumer Prices 11 9.6
Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2017)
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Liberia and the IMF
Updated July 10, 2017

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IMF Survey Online
September 10, 2015 -- Podcast : Sub-Saharan Africa Getting a Grip on Inflation
Inflation can determine a currency’s purchasing power as high inflation means rising prices. But what drives inflation differs from region to region. In this podcast we talk with Oral Williams, IMF Mission Chief for Malawi and coauthor of a new research paper that shows the drivers of inflation are changing in sub-Saharan Africa.
April 21, 2015 -- IMF Survey : Ebola Subsides, Economic Impact Lingers
Finance ministers from three fragile states in sub-Saharan Africa said their economies were struggling to get back on track.
March 24, 2015 -- IMF Survey : Sierra Leone Gets $102 Million in Extra IMF Financing, Debt Relief
The IMF Executive Board approves a loan and grant package for Sierra Leone to help the West African country counter an economic slump, engendered by the Ebola outbreak and a sharp drop in iron ore prices, that is stretching the country’s social protection system.
February 27, 2015 -- IMF Survey : Liberia Gets $36.5 Million From IMF’s New Trust for Disaster Recovery
The IMF Executive Board approves $36.5 million in debt relief to Liberia in the form of a grant from a new trust set up to help low-income countries recover from natural disasters. The IMF says the move aims to help Liberia counter effects of the Ebola crisis.
February 05, 2015 -- IMF Survey : IMF to Provide Grants for $100 Million in Debt Relief to Ebola-hit Countries
The IMF will provide grants totaling $100 million to be used as debt relief to the three countries worst hit by the Ebola epidemic. Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone will use the funds to cover the cost of servicing their debt.
February 05, 2015 -- Podcast : IMF Grants Help Ebola-hit Countries Drive Down Debt
The IMF will provide grants totaling $100 million to the three countries worst hit by the Ebola epidemic. Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone will use the funds to cover the cost of servicing their debt.
September 26, 2014 -- IMF Survey : IMF Approves $130 Million for Countries Worst Hit by Ebola
As the death toll from Ebola rises and the economic impact of the crisis spreads, the IMF steps in to provide a total of $130 million of emergency financial assistance to Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, the three West African countries at the center of the epidemic.
September 26, 2014 -- Podcast : IMF Approves $130 Million for Countries Worst Hit by Ebola
The International Monetary Fund is to give $130 million of financial assistance to the three countries in west Africa hardest hit by the ebola crisis. Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are facing slowing growth and disruptions to agriculture, mining, and services because of the outbreak.
September 26, 2014 -- Podcast : Le FMI accorde $130 millions aux pays touchés par l’Ebola
Le FMI accorde $130 millions d’aide financière aux trois pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest les plus touchés par la crise de l’Ébola. Le Libéria, la Guinée et la Sierra Leone se heurtent à un ralentissement de la croissance et la flambée du virus bouleverse l’agriculture, le secteur minier et les services. 
October 13, 2013 -- IMF Survey : Infrastructure, Natural Resources Key to Inclusive Growth in Africa
African countries are focusing on improving their infrastructure and managing their natural resource wealth to achieve broad based inclusive growth.
March 19, 2013 -- IMF Survey : Liberia Urged to Boost Capacity to Handle Resource Revenues
Liberia should act quickly to ensure that it has the capacity to manage rising revenues from its natural resources, speakers told a seminar in Monrovia.
November 22, 2011 -- IMF Survey: IMF Technical Assistance Finds A Teachable Moment in Africa
As countries around the world cope with the global crisis, the IMF’s technical assistance helps countries strengthen the policy skills, and technical know-how of their institutions.  In Liberia, on the west coast of Africa, the government put in place a modern system to pay teachers on time with the push of a button.
September 13, 2010 -- IMF Survey: Oslo Conference Calls for Action to Avoid Jobless ‘Lost Generation’
The global recession has created a “wasteland of unemployment” that could scar society for years without action to address the jobs crisis, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn warns. With other leaders in Oslo, he calls for a jobs-focused policy response to the world slowdown.
June 29, 2010 -- IMF Survey: Liberia Wins $4.6 Billion in Debt Relief from IMF, World Bank
The IMF and the World Bank decide to support the final stage of debt relief for Liberia that in total amounts to $4.6 billion in nominal terms. The move comes after the west African country reaches the final step under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative.