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Budapest, Latvia

View over the river Daugava towards the Gulf of Riga, Latvia. Photo by GothPhil

Latvia Resident Representative Site

Resident Representative Office in Latvia

This web page presents information about the work of the IMF in Latvia, including the activities of the IMF Resident Representative Office. Additional information can be found on the Latvia and IMF country page, including IMF reports and Executive Board documents that deal with Latvia.

The IMF Resident Representative Office in Latvia has now closed

This site is maintained for archival purposes

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Latvijas ekonomiskais potenciāls: Ekonomikas atveseļošanās un reformas

Blogs ar David Moore click for more

Presentation--Latvia’s Economic Potential: Recovery and Reforms

Presentation by David Moore at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga click for more

Latvia’s Economic Potential: Recovery and Reforms

by David Moore click for more

Paziņojums pēc pirmās pēcprogrammas uzraudzības misijas Latvijā

Press Release No. 12/180 click for more

AGAINST THE ODDS: Lessons From the Recovery in The Baltics

A Conference on "Lessons From the Recovery in the Baltics" will be held in Riga, Latvia at The Great Guild on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 click for more

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Latvia and the IMF

Republic of Latvia: Concluding Statement of the IMF Staff Visit

December 5, 2014

Republic of Latvia: 2014 Article IV Consultation-Staff Report; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Director for the Republic of Latvia

May 8, 2014
Series: Country Report No. 14/115 click for more

Press Release: IMF Executive Board Discusses Baltic Cluster Report on the Republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

May 8, 2014

Press Release: IMF Executive Board Concludes 2014 Article IV Consultation with the Republic of Latvia

May 8, 2014

IMF Survey : Baltic Countries See Strong Growth, but Pitfalls Remain

May 8, 2014
The Baltic economies performed well in the last two decades relative to other transition and emerging market economies, but they face common obstacles to continued strong economic growth. click for more

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Latest on Europe

Regional Economic Issues: Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

OCTOBER 2014 Click for more

The CESEE Regional Economic Issues (REI) report, published on October 10, 2014, assesses the macroeconomic outlook for the region in light of the latest global economic and financial developments.

IMF Survey Magazine. Emerging Europe: Geopolitical Tensions Taking a Toll

"25 Years of Transition: Post-Communist Europe and the IMF", published on October 24, 2014, examines the past 25 years of dramatic transformation in Europe's former communist countries, as well as policies needed to revitalize convergence with Western European economies.