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Mexico and the IMF
Updated July 18, 2017

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Finance & Development
September 01, 2007 -- Country Focus - Mexico - Finance & Development, September 2007
Mexico enjoys sustained growth and stability thanks to sound economic policies. Its challenge now is to undertake further reforms to accelerate growth and reduce poverty while compensating for a likely decline in oil revenue.
March 01, 2000 -- Finance & Development, March 2000 - Mexico: Recent Developments, Structural Reforms, and Future Challenges
By Jose Angel Gurria: In recent years, the Mexican government has implemented a series of economic reforms to strengthen the country's fundamentals and increase its ability to cope with external shocks. Because of the progress that has been made, the government is confident that Mexico will be able to leave recent crises behind and start the new millennium with a stable and growing economy.
June 01, 1998 -- Finance & Development June 1998 - What Lessons Does the Mexican Crisis Hold for Recovery in Asia?
By Guillermo Ortiz Martinez - The Mexican and the Asian crises have striking similarities. A comparison of the two provides lessons about how emerging economies can safeguard themselves against sudden capital outflows.