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FYR Macedonia Resident Representative Site

What we do and who we are

The IMF has maintained a Representative Office in Macedonia since 1995.

The office performs a wide range of activities, contributing to the formulation of IMF policy advice, facilitating the policy dialogue and flow of information between IMF Headquarters and the Macedonian authorities, monitoring economic developments and macroeconomic and structural policies that have implications for external viability, coordinating technical assistance, and explaining the IMF's views on economic policy issues.

The IMF Resident Representative office in Macedonia consists of the Resident Representative and three local staff.

Who we are

Mr. Patrick Gitton has been the IMF’s Resident Representative in Macedonia since August 2013. Mr. Gitton has worked with the IMF for 8 years, and has extensive experience covering countries and policy issues. His previous assignments at the IMF include Senior economist positions in the African department (2008-2013), and Senior advisor to the Executive Director for France at the IMF and the World Bank Boards of Directors (2002-2005). Mr. Gitton’s professional career also includes the Treasury Department of the French Ministry of Finance (2006-2008) and eight years on the staff of the Banque de France working successively for the Banking Supervision and the Economics and International Relations Departments (1994-2002).

Mr. Gitton holds a Masters degree in Economics and Finance from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris.

Mr. Gjorgji Nacevski is a country Assistant Economist. He has been working for the IMF since 1998. He is following, inter alia, fiscal, monetary, financial and real sector issues as well as progress in structural reforms. His previous assignment was at the Government Agency for Bank Rehabilitation.

Mrs. Biljana Davceva Mijoski is the Office Assistant since 2002. She handles all administrative and translation issues, the office post budget as well as warden officer duties. Her previous assignment was at Makpetrol a.d. Skopje.

Mr. Sasho Stojanovski is the Office Driver and Technical Assistant. He has worked at the IMF office since 1995. He is in charge of the office logistics and of IT support.

Previous IMF Resident Representatives in Macedonia include Scott W. Rogers (1995-1997); Paulo F.N. Drummond (1997-2000), Jan G. Mikkelsen (2000-2003), Kevin L. Ross (2003-2006), Bert van Selm (2006-2009), and Alexander Tieman (2009-2013).