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IMF Working Papers on Selected Topics

Last updated: May 6, 2004

I. New—published in March 2004

Aid and the Dutch Disease in Low-Income Countries

When is Growth Pro-Poor? Cross Country Evidence

Domestic Debt Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa

And Schumpeter Said, "This Is How Thou Shalt Grow": Further Quest For Economic Growth in Poor Countries

The Political Economy of Conditional and Unconditional Foreign Assistance: Grants vs. Loan Rollovers

II. General

Who's in Charge? Ownership and Conditionality in IMF-Supported Programs

Welfare Implications of HIV/AIDS

The WTO Promotes Trade, Strongly but Unevenly

The Millennium Development Goals, Capacity Building, and the Role of the IMF

The New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD): Opportunities and Challenges

FDI to Africa: The Role of Price Stability and Currency Instability

IllI. Growth

Macroeconomic Performance and Poverty Reduction

Growth, Governance, and Fiscal Policy Transmission Channels in Low-Income Countries

Trade, Growth, and Poverty: A Selective Survey

IV. External Debt

Debt Relief, Additionality, and Aid Allocation in Low Income Countries

External Debt, Public Investment, and Growth in Low-Income Countries

The Impact of External Indebtedness on Poverty in Low-Income Countries

V. Public Finances

Fiscal Sustainability in African HIPC Countries: A Policy Dilemma?

Promoting Fiscal Transparency The Complementary Roles of the IMF, Financial Markets and Civil Society

Social Impact of a Tax Reform: The Case of Ethiopia

How Useful are Benefit Incidence Analyses of Public Education and Health Spending

Vl. Foreign Aid

Foreign Aid and Revenue Response: Does the Composition of Aid Matter?

Budget Support versus Project Aid

Foreign Aid and Consumption Smoothing: Evidence from Global Food Aid

VIl. Poverty and Social Impact Analyses

Poverty and Social Impact Analysis-A Suggested Framework

Poverty and Social Impact Analysis - Linking Macroeconomic Policies to Poverty Outcomes: Summary of Early Experiences