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A church in the center of Granada, Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is in the background

A church in the center of Granada, Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua is in the background

The IMF office in Managua follows economic developments and policies in Nicaragua, liaises between the country authorities and the IMF staff in Washington, and coordinates IMF technical assistance. It is also a source of information about IMF views for the public, local and foreign analysts, investors, academic and research institutions, and Nicaragua's international partners and their diplomatic missions.

Who we are


The office in Nicaragua was opened in 1994, with Jose Gil Díaz was the first Resident Representative in Nicaragua from 1994-1999; Joaquim Harnak from 1999 - 2002; Luis Breuer from 2002 - 2004; Humberto Arbulu-Neira from 2004-2009; and Gabriel Di Bella 2010 – 2012.


Juan Zalduendo, Resident Representative of Nicaragua

Mr. Juan Zalduendo, an Argentinean national, is the Resident Representative for the International Monetary Fund in Nicaragua since March 2013. Before joining the Western Hemisphere Department that covers Nicaragua in early 2013, Mr. Zalduendo was a Deputy Division Chief in the IMF’s Strategy, Policy and Review Department and was also the Acting Division Chief of the unit that reviews the impact of IMF policies and the lessons from IMF-supported programs (2003-08). He was a Lead Economist at the Chief Economist Office of the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Region (2008-13), institution to which he was seconded by the IMF during the financial crisis. He also has operational experience as task manager of lending operations at the World Bank (1996-2000) and has been involved in the design of IMF arrangements (2000-03).

Mr. Zalduendo has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Virginia and is the author of IMF and World Bank publications and has published frequently in professional journals.

Natalia Michell, Research Economist

Ms. Natalia Michell is the Research Economist of the International Monetary Fund’s office in Nicaragua since September 2013. Miss. Michell, an officer from the Central Bank of Nicaragua, is responsible to monitor economic and political developments in the country. She also prepares researches and statistical data to the Resident Representative of the IMF mission in Nicaragua. She previously worked in Economic Programming Department preparing projections and reports in order to help the conduct of monetary policy.

Mariela Castro, Office Assistant

Mariela Castro, Office Assistant, has worked for the IMF Office in Nicaragua since 2003. She takes care of administrative and office duties.





Nazario Antonio García, driver and security officer

Nazario Antonio García, driver and security officer, has worked for the Resident Representative since 1994. Before joining the office, he performed similar responsibilities for the Central Bank of Nicaragua. Mr. García has worked for the four IMF Resident Representatives that have been on duty since the IMF Office opened in Nicaragua.