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Real GDP -3.8 -0.6
Consumer Prices 15.8 8.6
Source: World Economic Outlook (October 2015)
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Russian Federation and the IMF
Updated November 23, 2015

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on July 29, 2015. Listed below are items related to the Russian Federation, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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December 01, 1997 -- Payment Arrears in the Gas and Electric Power Sectors of the Russian Federation and Ukraine
Author/Editor: Bagratian, Hrant | Gürgen, Emine
Series: Working Paper No. 97/162
December 01, 1997 -- Evolution of Monetary Policy Instruments in Russia
Author/Editor: Baliño, Tomás J. T. | Hoelscher, David S. | Horder, Jakob
Series: Working Paper No. 97/180
December 01, 1997 -- IMF Survey:
Featured in this issue: Camdessus visit to Southeast Asia; APEC communique on Asian crisis; framework for Asian regional cooperation; Korea requests IMF assistanace; lessons from Asian crisis; corruption and capital spending; institutional and regulatory reform needed in Russia; prospects for MENA; and avoiding public pension crises. PDF File Size: 334Kb
November 01, 1997 -- Legal and Institutional Obstacles to Growth and Business in Russia
Author/Editor: Buckberg, Elaine Karen
Series: Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 97/8
September 25, 1997 -- Press Conference by Michel Camdessus, Managing Director
You have possibly heard or read my concluding remarks at the Annual Meeting this morning. They were quite straightforward, and I presume that in preparing or writing your own concluding papers you have put the emphasis on the four-and-a-half points I put hastily together to capture the sense of the meeting.
September 23, 1997 -- Statement by the Hon. Anatoly Chubais, Governor of the World Bank for the Russian Federation, at the Joint Annual Discussion.
PDF File Size: 30Kb
September 01, 1997 -- Explaining and Forecasting the Velocity of Money in Transition Economies, with Special Reference to the Baltics, Russia, and other Countries of the Former Soviet Union
Author/Editor: de Broeck, Mark | Krajnyák, Kornélia | Lorie, Henri
Series: Working Paper No. 97/108
August 13, 1997 -- Russian Federation--Recent Economic Developments
Series: IMF Staff Country Report No. 97/63
June 24, 1997 -- News Brief: IMF Welcomes Russia, Paris Club Understanding; Hopes for Early HIPC Decision on Mozambique
June 01, 1997 -- External Borrowing by the Baltics, Russia and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union: Developments and Policy Issues
Author/Editor: Kapur, Ishan | van der Mensbrugge, Emmanuel
Series: Working Paper No. 97/72
May 26, 1997 -- IMF Survey:
Featured in this issue: globalization--issues and challenges, IMF's role, and impact on national tax systems; prospects for Russian reforms; financial stability in emerging market economies; external evaluation of ESAF; and proposed new international banking standard. PDF File Size: 352Kb
April 28, 1997 -- Press Conference by Interim Committee Chairman and IMF Managing Director
Joint press conference of the Chairman of the Interim Committee, Mr. Philippe Maystadt, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Foreign Trade of Belgium, and Mr. Michel Camdessus, Managing Director of the IMF.
April 24, 1997 -- Press Conference by Michel Camdessus, Managing Director
As usual, I might tell you what is the agenda that we will suggest the Ministers and Governors adopt next Monday at the Interim Committee. In addition to discussing the World Economic Outlook in the morning session, Ministers will also review our progress in strengthening surveillance and our progress on the standards for dissemination of economic and financial data.
April 03, 1997 -- News Brief: Chernomyrdin, Camdessus Discuss Russian Economic Policy
April 02, 1997 -- News Brief: Camdessus Praises Russian Stabilization;
April 02, 1997 -- Address by Michel Camdessus
Address at the Moscow Institute of International Affairs Moscow
November 01, 1996 -- Health and Education Expenditures in Russia, the Baltic States, and the Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union
Author/Editor: Horton, Mark A.
Series: Working Paper No. 96/126
October 03, 1996 -- Press Conference by Michel Camdessus, Managing Director
I can be very brief. I must apologize, first, for a very dull Annual Meeting. We had only very good news; so this was probably no news, and your life was not that exciting. Nevertheless, I hope you will find a few questions still of interest for you.
October 01, 1996 -- Address by Michel Camdessus at the 1996 Annual Meetings
Address by Michel Camdessus to the Board of Governors of the Fund, Washington, D.C.
July 01, 1996 -- Recent Trade Policies and an Approach to Further Reform in the Baltics, Russia, and Other Countries of the Former Soviet Union
Author/Editor: Leidy, Michael P. | Ibrahim, Ali
Series: Working Paper No. 96/71

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