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Article IV Staff Reports

Financial Sector Assessment Program

Projected % Change
   2017  2018
Real GDP 1.4 1.4
Consumer Prices 4.5 4.2
Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2017)
Please refer to more recent Press Release/Staff reports on this country for possible revisions.

Article IV Staff Reports

Financial Sector Assessment Program

Russian Federation: Financial Position in the Fund

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Central Bank of the Russian Federation

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Russian Federation and the IMF
Updated May 19, 2017

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News Briefs
December 07, 1999 -- News Brief: IMF's Camdessus Reviews Status of Russian Program
April 28, 1999 -- News Brief: Statement by the IMF Managing Director on Russia
December 11, 1998 -- REVISED News Brief: New Financial Support for Poorest Countries Neighboring Russia
November 30, 1998 -- News Brief: IMF Holds Seminar on Economic Policies in Russia
October 30, 1998 -- News Brief: IMF Mission Considers Russian Budget A Priority
August 17, 1998 -- News Brief: Camdessus Comments on Russian Actions
July 20, 1998 -- News Brief: IMF Management Welcomes Executive Board Support for Russia
July 13, 1998 -- News Brief: Camdessus says IMF Board to Consider Strengthened Reform Program Supported by Substantial Increase in Financing for Russia
June 11, 1998 -- News Brief: Russian Authorities and IMF Reach Understandings on 1998 Economic Policy Statement
May 29, 1998 -- News Brief: IMF Welcomes Russian Government’s Statement on Fiscal Measures; Management to Recommend Completion of Review Under Russia’s EFF Program
May 26, 1998 -- News Brief: IMF Management Welcomes Russian Fiscal Measures, Hopes to Conclude Program Assessment in Next Few Days
June 24, 1997 -- News Brief: IMF Welcomes Russia, Paris Club Understanding; Hopes for Early HIPC Decision on Mozambique
April 03, 1997 -- News Brief: Chernomyrdin, Camdessus Discuss Russian Economic Policy
April 02, 1997 -- News Brief: Camdessus Praises Russian Stabilization;
July 06, 1995 -- News Brief: IMF Management Welcomes Economic Progress Made by Russia; Exchange Rate Action Designed to Support Program
April 11, 1995 -- News Brief: Camdessus Says Russia's 1995 Economic Program Will Stabilize Economy and Accelerate Structural Reform