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Projected % Change
   2017  2018
Real GDP 2.2 2.6
Consumer Prices 1.1 1.8
Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2017)
Please refer to more recent Press Release/Staff reports on this country for possible revisions.

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Singapore and the IMF
Updated July 28, 2017

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IMF Survey Online
February 09, 2016 -- IMF Survey : Regional Trainers Meet to Discuss Priorities for Asia-Pacific Countries
Countries with strong institutions and skilled civil servants can formulate more effective and robust policies, which contributes to economic development, stability, and ultimately more sustainable growth, the audience at a recent meeting on training and capacity development heard.
July 22, 2015 -- IMF Survey : Singapore at 50 Confronts Aging, Economic Restructuring
Singapore’s economy continues to perform well, and is expected to grow at about 3 percent in 2014–15, and enjoy full employment and low inflation, according to the IMF’s latest economic assessment of the city-state.
February 09, 2011 -- IMF Survey: IMF Chief Highlights Need for Strong Partnership with Asia
The Managing Director of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has been discussing the Fund’s relations with its Asian members during a three-day trip to Singapore and Indonesia.
June 09, 2010 -- IMF Survey: Asia Playing Crucial Part in Reshaping Global Economy
Based on its successful economic policy management, Asia will continue to make a major contribution to both global growth and the design of policies to deal with challenges in the post-crisis world, IMF Deputy Managing Director Naoyuki Shinohara says.
March 28, 2008 -- IMF Survey: Directors Back Reforms to Overhaul IMF Quotas and Voice
In a key step toward reforming the International Monetary Fund, the Executive Board backed a resolution that would achieve a significant shift in the representation of dynamic economies, many of which are emerging market countries, and give poorer countries a greater say in running the institution.