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United States: Financial Position in the Fund

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United States and the IMF
Updated August 27, 2015

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on July 06, 2015. Listed below are items related to the United States, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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April 26, 2001 -- Transcript -- Press Conference on the World Economic Outlook
In my remarks this morning, I will comment briefly on the global economic outlook and key policy issues for the main industrial countries, then turn to David Robinson and Tam Bayoumi for some brief remarks on the rest of the policy and analytical content of the present WEO.
April 13, 2001 -- Transcript--Panel Discussion on Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty Reduction
I think a question which many people have asked out loud, or thought quietly to themselves, is: Why is the IMF doing anything about poverty? Some here have stronger views on that than others, and I'm sure that as this discussion gets going, you will figure out which is which.
April 05, 2001 -- Transcript -- Economic Forum - Governing Global Finance: The Role of Civil Society
The panel that is here today will focus their presentations on the core questions of the project, namely, to assess the benefits and drawbacks of civil society engagement with global finance to date; and to suggest steps to maximize the benefits and minimize the shortcomings of civil society involvement in global finance.
April 02, 2001 -- The Challenges of Globalization and the Role of the IMF -- Remarks by Horst Köhler
Delivered at a Meeting with Members of the Deutsche Bundestag
April 02, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
IMF moves to streamline conditionality, seeks public comments; conference on standards and codes, portfolio investment survey seminars, implications of declining supply of U.S. treasury securities, and Bhagwati on globalization's benefits. PDF File Size: 647Kb
March 19, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
Köhler, Fischer on new capital markets department, Turkey; money laundering; Köhler on standards & codes; Mussa resigns; challenges in Kosovo; U.S. trade deficit; BIS Quarterly Review; and Albania's inflation performance. PDF File Size: 803Kb
March 01, 2001 -- Briefing By IMF Managing Director Horst Köhler and First Deputy Managing Director Stanley Fischer On Establishing An International Capital Markets Department
Early today I informed the Executive Board of my decision to establish a new department in the Fund, the International Capital Markets Department. Let me give a little background to this decision and briefly outline some of the benefits that I believe will follow.
February 23, 2001 -- Financial Implications of the Shrinking Supply of U.S. Treasury Securities
Author/Editor: Schinasi, Garry J. | Kramer, Charles Frederick | Smith, R. Todd
January 12, 2001 -- Opening Remarks at Press Conference, Japan National Press Club -- by Horst Köhler
Given at the Japan National Press Club
January 06, 2001 -- Exchange Rate Regimes: Is the Bipolar View Correct? -- Address by Stanley Fischer
Prepared for delivery as the Distinguished Lecture on Economics in Government, jointly sponsored by the American Economic Association and the Society of Government Economists, at the meetings of the American Economic Association, New Orleans
January 03, 2001 -- News Brief: IMF Managing Director Horst Köhler Welcomes U.S. Interest Rate Cut
January 01, 2001 -- Monetary Independence in Emerging Markets: Does the Exchange Rate Regime Make a Difference?
Author/Editor: Borensztein, Eduardo | Zettelmeyer, Jeromin | Philippon, Thomas
Series: Working Paper No. 01/1
January 01, 2001 -- Time-to-Build and Convex Adjustment Costs
Author/Editor: Koeva Brooks, Petya
Series: Working Paper No. 01/9
December 12, 2000 -- Transcript of Economic Forum: The Information Economy: New Paradigm or Old Fashion? December 12, 2000
Recent experience in the U.S. with high growth, low unemployment, and low inflation has led a number of observers to conclude that maybe there's a new economy or a new economic paradigm in the United States.
November 17, 2000 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by Thomas Dawson, Director, IMF External Relations Department
Discussions are continuing on a fiscal pact between the Argentine Government and provincial governors. A Fund mission will go to Buenos Aires when agreement is reached. As the Managing Director indicated in his statement last Friday, the IMF stands ready to support a program which, based on our judgment, should promote market confidence and a return to growth.
November 08, 2000 -- Transcript of Economic Forum -- One World, One Currency: Destination or Delusion? November 8, 2000
The title of this panel harks back to a publication of the European Union or the Commission, a report which was, if my memory serves, called One Market, One Money. And in fact it is the creation of that one money in Europe, the euro, that makes today's topic particularly relevant.
November 07, 2000 -- In Search of Stability and Broadly-Shared Prosperity: Reform of the International Monetary System, Address by Horst Köhler, Managing Director, IMF
Given at the Meeting with European Union Parliamentary Committees, Brussels, Belgium
October 25, 2000 -- News Brief: IMF Welcomes U.S. Action on Debt Relief, IMF Contribution to HIPC
October 12, 2000 -- Latin America 2000 -- Address by Stanley Fischer
Given at the LACEA Conference, Rio de Janeiro
October 12, 2000 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing by Thomas Dawson, Director, IMF External Relations Department
With regard to recent events concerning the Serbia and Montenegro, in recent days, members of the new team in the FRY have indicated publicly their interest in joining all international financial institutions, including the Fund.

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