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United States and the IMF
Updated September 19, 2017

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IMF Surveys
May 28, 2007 -- IMF Survey:
IEO on IMF exchange rate advice; GFSR: financial system risks and issues for regulators; good times in Belgium; Africa's oil exporters; outlook for Middle East and Central Asia; Caucasus and Central Asia:capital flows; lessons from a decade of crises PDF File Size: 720Kb
April 11, 2007 -- IMF Survey:
Spring Meetings preview, world outlook, global financial stability, U.S. subprime mortgages, labor globalization, external imbalances, IMF and Africa, wage bill ceilings, policy support instrument, modernizing IMF surveillance, India, Bulgaria, PNoWB PDF File Size: 896Kb
November 20, 2006 -- IMF Survey:
John Lipsky's visit to South Africa and Mali, Latin American growth, Uruguay repays loan, Eastern Europe, Albania's economy, Belarus and Morocco, U.S. current account deficit, Francis Warnock, IMF governance, fiscal adjustment. PDF File Size: 977Kb
September 11, 2006 -- IMF Survey:
Annual meetings curtain raiser; APD Director Burton on IMF role in Asia; Briefs on Bolivia, Indonesia; WEO: rising Asia and nonfuel commodity prices; GFSR: global financial system; euro area recovery; U.S. capital inflows; facts about Singapore. PDF File Size: 769Kb
August 21, 2006 -- IMF Survey:
U.S. fiscal outlook; U.S. inflation dynamics; Ireland, FYR Macedonia, El Salvador, Uruguay briefs; Egypt: growth and reform; Canadian female labor participation; EU: Stability and Growth Pact; Suspension of Doha talks; challenges of globalization PDF File Size: 654Kb
August 07, 2006 -- IMF Survey:
IMF and low-income countries; De Rato in Tokyo; U.K. poverty initiative; Palau, Lithuania, Ethiopia, Kuwait; Volatility in Latin America; U.S. home equity withdrawal; Botswana: avoiding the resource curse; India: tax reform; U.S corporate cash balances. PDF File Size: 625Kb
June 12, 2006 -- IMF Survey:
Multilateral consultation; Euro Area; Caruana to head new Department; Marshall Islands; Malaysia; São Tomé and Príncipe; Inflation targeting; Offshoring U.S. services; Public sector credit; Singapore; Pakistan's inflation; Kyrgyz Republic; Latin America. PDF File Size: 701Kb
August 15, 2005 -- IMF Survey:
Niger relief effort; EB commitment to debt relief; Kato's visit to Mozambique, Zambia; U.S. economic expansion; Austria looks eastward; Attracting FDI to Southeastern Europe; IMF conditionality; hedge funds seminar; IEO priorities. PDF File Size: 1321Kb
March 21, 2005 -- IMF Survey:
De Rato applauds growth in China and India; Romanian president's visit; Moldova; Libya; Italy; Slovak Republic; Country insurance facility; Microfinance; U.S. Federal Reserve; United Kingdom; Canada; Offshore financial centers. PDF File Size: 350Kb
January 24, 2005 -- IMF Survey:
IMF assesses post-tsunami needs; Ireland's challenges after tiger years; four new books contrast European and U.S. socioeconomic paradigms; Trade and regional integration in Africa; Oil revenues help boost Saudi Arabia's real GDP growth; Mexico's recovery broadens; Vietnam builds on strong growth; Land inequality and economic development; and Gulf Cooperation Council countries explore ways to boost growth. Events coming up; IMF financial assistance at a glance. PDF File Size: 706Kb
October 25, 2004 -- IMF Survey:
Iraq receives IMF financing; Finding ways to boost public investment; Should hedge funds be regulated?; The effects of high debt; New director in Finance Department; Lawrence Summers on U.S. current account deficit; The WTO and poor countries PDF File Size: 630Kb
July 26, 2004 -- IMF Survey:
Global Monitoring Report; Carol Carson on IMF statistics initiatives; Per Jacobsson Lecture; Workers' remittances to Morocco; Development Fund for Iraq audit; Mark Watson on U.S. economy. PDF File Size: 582Kb
May 17, 2004 -- IMF Survey:
The IMF's new Managing Director; Polak tribute; IMF establishes Trade Integration Mechanism; Canada's labor productivity; World Economic Outlook on U.S. fiscal policy; Africa's economic prospects; Health, wealth, and welfare. PDF File Size: 711Kb
March 29, 2004 -- IMF Survey:
David Burton on outlook for Asia; IT still key to U.S. productivity growth; Financial sector vital to growth in the Baltics; Call for transparent selection of Managing Director; Crises and trade finance; Argentina program; West Afritac's 2004 agenda. PDF File Size: 631Kb
September 08, 2003 -- IMF Survey:
IMF Meetings preview; Carstens interview; Mirakhor, Khan win IDB prize; Köhler, Wolfensohn on trade; Global Financial Stability Report; emerging market debt; economic agenda in Dem. Rep. Congo; well-being in the U.S.; Selowsky on IMF record PDF File Size: 850Kb
August 18, 2003 -- IMF Survey:
United States poised for recovery; World oil prices and U.S. recessions; Bank risk-taking and competition; Managing risks in financial market development; Moore on globalization; WTO impact on trade; AEI seminar on exchange rates; IMF reorganization. PDF File Size: 759Kb
November 18, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
East AFRITAC opens; IMF, trade unions confer; CARTAC anniversary; Country Analytic Work website; lessons from U.S. boom, bust; fiscal devolution; GDP-indexed bonds; reserve management meeting. PDF File Size: 1350Kb
June 10, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
World military spending; Independent East Timor; Pros and cons of tax incentives; Shoven on U.S. Social Security; Financial development and economic growth; North on institutions and growth. PDF File Size: 1076Kb
January 14, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
WEO (world economy after September 11); Ahluwalia on IMF's Independent Evaluations Office; regional views on PRSP process; U.S. as engine of growth; conditionality: how much is enough; and Köhler on euro. PDF File Size: 916Kb
April 02, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
IMF moves to streamline conditionality, seeks public comments; conference on standards and codes, portfolio investment survey seminars, implications of declining supply of U.S. treasury securities, and Bhagwati on globalization's benefits. PDF File Size: 647Kb
March 19, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
Köhler, Fischer on new capital markets department, Turkey; money laundering; Köhler on standards & codes; Mussa resigns; challenges in Kosovo; U.S. trade deficit; BIS Quarterly Review; and Albania's inflation performance. PDF File Size: 803Kb
December 14, 1998 -- IMF Survey:
Financial market turbulence; IMF approves Brazil credit; U.S. inflation and unemployment; debt relief for Honduras and Nicaragua; Camdessus in Latin America; corporate debt in east Asia; and budget reform in Lithuania. PDF File Size: 405Kb
August 31, 1998 -- IMF Survey:
IMF approves EFF for Indonesia; HIPC Initiative provides growth path for heavily indebted poor countries, Camdessus on Russia's new financial measures; Algerian economic reforms; Asian crisis and IMF support; and U.S. policies to reduce fiscal deficit. PDF File Size: 469Kb
February 09, 1998 -- IMF Survey:
Camdessus's commendation of Indonesian reforms; U.S. Congress consideration of funding for NAB and quota increase; lending in 1997; Camdessus on good governance; and IMF Governors' approval of quota increase. PDF File Size: 361Kb
August 18, 1997 -- IMF Survey:
Featured in this issue: early warning system for currency crises, origins and management of financial crises, Thai reform package, U.S. economic performance and measurement of output and productivity. PDF File Size: 278Kb
March 10, 1997 -- IMF Survey:
Featured in this issue: prospects for Hong Kong's economy, measurement issues in the U.S. consumer price index, systemic bank restructuring, Camdessus on fiscal consolidation and structural reforms in India, and India's growth linked to higher savings. PDF File Size: 179Kb