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Zimbabwe and the IMF
Updated July 2, 2015

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on June 18, 2014. Listed below are items related to Zimbabwe, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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October 01, 2001 -- Providing Health Care to HIV Patients in Southern Africa
Author/Editor: Haacker, Markus
Series: Policy Discussion Paper No. 01/3
October 01, 2001 -- Providing Health Care to HIV Patients in Southern Africa
Author/Editor: Haacker, Markus
Series: Policy Discussion Paper No. 01/3
September 25, 2001 -- Press Release: IMF Declares Zimbabwe Ineligible to Use IMF Resources
April 28, 2001 -- Transcript -- Press Conference - African Prospects: Facing the Challenges, Finance Ministers from Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Gabon and Niger
This press conference is part our continuing efforts to provide you with first-hand information from our African member countries.
March 07, 2001 -- Transcript of a Press Conference on the Outcomes of the Recent Köhler/Wolfensohn Trip to Africa by IMF African Department Director, G.G. Gondwe and World Bank Vice-President, African Region, Callisto Madavo
What's new from this trip is that, for the first time, I think we have the African leaders in a sense taking ownership of what they want to do in Africa, what is their vision, what are their programs, what are their constraints, on one side, and, therefore, what are the responsibilities that they need to discharge, and then asking the Bank and the Fund, given the backdrop of those objectives, to help.
January 11, 2001 -- Zimbabwe: Recent Economic Developments, Selected Issues, and Statistical Appendix
Series: Country Report No. 01/13
January 08, 2001 -- Zimbabwe:2000 Article IV Consultation--Staff Report; Staff Supplement; Public Information Notice on the Executive Board Discussion; Statement by the Executive Director for Zimbabwe and Statement by the Authorities of Zimbabwe
Series: Country Report No. 01/05
December 13, 2000 -- Public Information Notice: IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation with Zimbabwe
Public Information Notices (PINs) form part of the IMF's efforts to promote transparency of the IMF's views and analysis of economic developments and policies.
August 07, 2000 -- Transcript of a Question and Answer Session Following an Address by Horst Köhler on The IMF in a Changing World
Includes about 30 minutes of questions and answers.
April 16, 2000 -- Statement by Mr. Trevor A. Manuel, Minister of South Africa, International Monetary and Financial Committee, April 16, 2000
The International Monetary and Financial Committee member for the constituency consisting of Angola, Botswana, Burundi, The Gambia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe
January 12, 2000 -- Transcript of a press briefing by videoteleconference by Michel Camdessus, Managing Director, IMF, in advance of the Conference of African Heads of State, in Libreville, Gabon
We have been in a dialogue with your countries throughout these past years, and particularly last year, and you have told us in very clear words that this fight against poverty, this fight for reducing debt is a decisive obstacle to development.
September 29, 1999 -- Statement by the Hon. Tantely Andrianarivo, Governor of the IMF for Madagascar, on behalf of the African Governors, at the Joint Annual Discussion
PDF File Size: 14Kb
August 02, 1999 -- Press Release: IMF Approves Stand-By Credit for Zimbabwe
July 16, 1999 -- Zimbabwe Letter of Intent, July 16, 1999
This Letter of Intent of the government of Zimbabwe describes the policies that Zimbabwe intends to implement in the context of its request for financial support from the IMF.
July 14, 1999 -- The Cross-Border Initiative in Eastern and Southern Africa
The Initiative comprises a common policy framework aims to facilitate cross-border economic activity by eliminating barriers to the flow of goods, services, labor, and capital, and to help integrate markets by coordinating reform programs in several key structural areas, supported by appropriate macroeconomic policies.
July 01, 1999 -- Zimbabwe - Statistical Appendix
Series: IMF Staff Country Report No. 99/49
July 01, 1999 -- Adjustment Costs, Irreversibility, and Investment Patterns in African Manufacturing
Author/Editor: Bigsten, Arne
Series: Working Paper No. 99/99
Notes: This paper was written by multiple authors (12).
June 08, 1999 -- Transcript of an IMF videoconference with the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)
Jointly organized IMF/Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) videoconference on: the most recent World Economic Outlook, the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Debt Reduction Initiative known as the HIPC Initiative, and the Reform of the International Financial System, or the new architecture.
October 29, 1998 -- Press Briefing by Video Conference on Southern Africa by First Deputy Managing Director Stanley Fischer
I'm looking forward to discussing your questions about the economy of Southern Africa and about the work and the views of the IMF. I'd like to touch on what happened in the Fifty-Third Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank that finished precisely three weeks ago.
June 01, 1998 -- Press Release: IMF Approves Stand-By Credit for Zimbabwe

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