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Real GDP 2.2 2.3
Consumer Prices 25.6 18.7
Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2017)
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Independent Evaluation Office Report on the Evaluation of the Role of the IMF in Argentina, 1991-2001

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Argentina and the IMF
Updated June 22, 2017

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IMF Surveys
January 09, 2006 -- IMF Survey:
IMF cancels debt; Iraq receives new loan; Brazil and Argentina repay IMF loans; Saudi Arabia Article IV summary; Credit booms in transition economies; India's textile and clothing sector; Maghreb parliamentarians; Public awareness of economic issues. PDF File Size: 298Kb
August 09, 2004 -- IMF Survey:
Managing Director visits Africa; IEO report on Argentina; Risk management in the insurance sector; Cross border cooperation in financial sector supervision; IMF 60th anniversary reflections; Fighting dirty money. PDF File Size: 589Kb
March 29, 2004 -- IMF Survey:
David Burton on outlook for Asia; IT still key to U.S. productivity growth; Financial sector vital to growth in the Baltics; Call for transparent selection of Managing Director; Crises and trade finance; Argentina program; West Afritac's 2004 agenda. PDF File Size: 631Kb
February 02, 2004 -- IMF Survey:
IMF and Iraq; IMF completes first review of Argentina program; Continuing the WTO debate; Ethics and development; Central banks and financial stability; New development model for Asia? PDF File Size: 707Kb
October 06, 2003 -- IMF Survey:
Japan's financial sector; IMF-World Bank annual meetings (overview, opening speeches, communiques, press conferences); G-7, G-10, and G-24 communiques; Focus on Middle East; African ministers press conference; Loan for Argentina; World Economic Outlook. PDF File Size: 1819Kb
February 03, 2003 -- IMF Survey:
Singh on Latin America; new IMF loan--Argentina; Leiderman on inflation targeting; AEA meeting; Taylor on monetary policy; Clark and Polak on SDRs; Challenges of EU enlargement PDF File Size: 930Kb
January 20, 2003 -- IMF Survey:
IMF program for Argentina; AEA coverage; SDRM design; Fischer on globalization; De Vries honored; Latin America and crisis; Challenges for African leaders; Demekas on postconflict aid PDF File Size: 724Kb
December 02, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Third Annual IMF Research Conference; Institution building; Improved data quality; Argentina's SRF repayment extended; Poverty, inequality in Central America; Van Houtven on IMF governance; proposals to reform IMF governance; Lessons, Great Depression PDF File Size: 681Kb
August 05, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Krueger on Argentina; Boorman on crises and institutions; Advisory report on Argentina; Central American regional initiatives; Southern African aid; Ortiz on emerging market crises; Caribbean offshore centers; shadow economies; East Timor; Rudi Dornbusch PDF File Size: 649Kb
July 22, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Advisory panel for Argentina; The Gambia & governance; Euro-area surveillance; Dawson on lessons from Asia; transition to inflation targeting; fiscal policy & recessions; and better governance in statistical agencies. PDF File Size: 931Kb
July 08, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Group of Eight summit; Rogoff's discontent with Stiglitz; Aninat on Colombia; Köhler on Argentina; Uruguay loan boosted; Deaton on poverty count; budget cuts in poor countries; Köhler at ECOSOC; Turkey drawing; and are African exporters more productive? PDF File Size: 779Kb
March 25, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Global Financial Stability Report; reducing poverty; Enron's collapse; addressing banking fragility; Prescott on Japanese slowdown; foreign direct investment in Africa; IMF statement on Argentina; and interview with Dornbusch. PDF File Size: 471Kb
March 11, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Krueger on euro; financing development; IMF mission to Argentina; Singh to head IMF Special Operations; Tseng on Asia's unfinished reforms; Asian asset price bubbles; expanding mortgage financing in Middle East; and Mexico's pro-poor policies. PDF File Size: 393Kb
January 28, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
PRSP conference opens; euro & EMU prospects; IMF extends Argentine debt deadline; AEA conference; IMF approves review of Brazil's performance; Carson & Bove on GDDS African project; IMF transparency; and Vietnam strives for higher growth. PDF File Size: 427Kb
December 10, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
Krueger on debt workout mechanism; IMF approves Turkey funds; Argentine disbursement delayed; behind 1990s emerging market boom; investor relations programs; Jorgenson on IT revolution; GIC conference; Obstfeld on currency crises; IMF Research Conference. PDF File Size: 694Kb
September 03, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
Fischer on his IMF tenure; Annual Meetings change; assessing offshore financial centers; Cyprus assessment; augmentation of Argentine credit; conditionality & privatization; Calomiris on IMF reforms; Allen on IMF role; and Japan's reform agenda. PDF File Size: 485Kb
August 13, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
IMF support for Turkey, Argentina, Brazil; IMF conditionality conference; UNDP Human Development Report; Trinidad & Tobago PDF File Size: 936Kb
July 02, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
Fischer on Argentine reforms; conditionality: Berlin policy dialogue, Sugisaki on IMF review, Boorman on ownership; reserves database; Alesina & Barro on currency unions; Canada's exchange rate regime & economic integration. PDF File Size: 674Kb
June 04, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
Argentine review completed; Köhler on financial stability; Quarterly National Accounts Manual; Ecuador credit extended; Boorman to leave; interview with Carmen Reinhart; Perotti on fiscal policy; Roubini on Asian crisis; military expenditures. PDF File Size: 771Kb
January 08, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
22 countries qualify for HIPC assistance; Brau on Treasurer's Department; economic issues in sub-Saharan Africa; China quota increase; statistical quality; price subsidy reform; Argentine program; SDR currency basket; and new economy issues. PDF File Size: 963Kb
November 20, 2000 -- IMF Survey:
IMF Managing Director on transition countries & Europe; IMF Research Conference; support for Argentina; Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics; Blanchard on European unemployment; Russia's noncash transactions; Blinder on lessons of 1990s. PDF File Size: 778Kb
March 20, 2000 -- IMF Survey:
Köhler nominated for IMF Managing Director; Capital Flow and Debt Statistics; IMF reviews Mozambique's needs; Ukraine review commissioned; Japanese banking crisis; Poland's recovery; Argentine Stand-By; Support package for Ecuador; social spending under IMF programs rises. PDF File Size: 491Kb
June 07, 1999 -- IMF Survey:
Camdessus on transparency and standards; IMF Board meets with ECOSOC ambassadors; regional unemployment in Europe; Swiss monetary policy; military spending; EFF reviews for Argentina and Pakistan; and copper and Chilean economy. PDF File Size: 484Kb
January 11, 1999 -- IMF Survey:
World Economic Outlook and Capital Markets update; Euro launch and IMF; Fischer on international lender of last resort; lessons from Argentine banking crisis, Australia's economic reforms; and conference on liberalizing markets in Africa PDF File Size: 639Kb
June 09, 1997 -- IMF Survey:
Featured in this issue: Manuel Guitian on IMF's work on monetary, banking, and exchange rate areas; impact of labor standards on trade, Michel Camdessus on Argentine reforms and Alassane Ouattara on globalization's challenges for Africa; and IMF's first press information notices--summaries of Executive Board discussions on economies of Aruba, Belize, and Tunisia. PDF File Size: 617Kb