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Brazil and the IMF
Updated July 28, 2017

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IMF Surveys
February 26, 2007 -- IMF Survey:
Policy Support Instrument; PSI; Tanzania; quota reform; David Burton; basic votes; Andrew Tweedie; Abbas Mirakhor; Iqbal Zaidi; Rodrigo de Rato on Latin America; Brazil; sovereign debt; debt rigidity; financial sector regulation; health care; VAT fraud; pensions; Nicholas Stern; climate change. PDF File Size: 890Kb
July 24, 2006 -- IMF Survey:
Seminar on preventing crises; Country briefs: Hong Kong SAR and Brazil; France's labor market reform; Seigniorage and governance; Chinese inflation; China's monetary policy; Mekong regional integration; Scaling up aid. PDF File Size: 696Kb
January 23, 2006 -- IMF Survey:
De Rato in Brazil; Article IV summaries: Pakistan, Ukraine, CEMAC; Dawson on IMF's transparency revolution; Capital flight, institutions, and instability; Eastern Caribbean; Germany's regulation; Kazakhstan's non-oil sector; Trade, aid, and growth. PDF File Size: 317Kb
January 09, 2006 -- IMF Survey:
IMF cancels debt; Iraq receives new loan; Brazil and Argentina repay IMF loans; Saudi Arabia Article IV summary; Credit booms in transition economies; India's textile and clothing sector; Maghreb parliamentarians; Public awareness of economic issues. PDF File Size: 298Kb
April 25, 2005 -- IMF Survey:
Spring Meetings wrap-up; IMFC communiqué; IMF strategic review; World Economic Outlook; Oil; Low-income countries; Global Monitoring Report; African outlook; Brazil; Honduras; World Development Indicators. PDF File Size: 807Kb
November 17, 2003 -- IMF Survey:
German economic reforms; Bio-Tchane on Africa's future; Research workshop on low-income countries; conference on real estate data; privatization in Macedonia; Brazil loan extension. PDF File Size: 613Kb
December 16, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Köhler on Brazil & Chile; Global Financial Stability Report; new IMF liquidity measure; Boughton on IMF conditionality guidelines; Turkey negotiations; globalization & Africa; social safety nets; annuitizing pension payouts; Abed & Gupta on corruption. PDF File Size: 803Kb
November 04, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Euro area prospects; Geithner on financial crises; Köhler visits Maghreb; IMF congratulates Brazil's President-Elect; developments in exchange rate regimes; lessons from Korean crisis; FDI in Mekong Delta; and microfinance institutions. PDF File Size: 673Kb
September 16, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Annual Meetings preview; trade-finance links; Global Financial Stability Report; Annual Report; Kohler on Japan; Globalization; Brazil loan; WAEMU's fiscal policy coordination; IMF rates; IMF arrangements; Use of credit; New on the Web; Publications PDF File Size: 796Kb
June 24, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Global Financial Stability; Krueger on sovereign debt restructuring; Rogoff & Zettelmeyer on roots of debt restructuring idea; Bretton Woods Committee; Brazil can draw $10 billion; Singh appointed; Yergin on globalization; and corporate restructuring. PDF File Size: 1419Kb
May 27, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
Abdoulaye Bio-Tchane on Africa & IMF; Brazil positioned to speed up growth; European transition economies: run-up to EU accession & policy implications of exchange rate appreciations; and foreign direct investment in China. PDF File Size: 728Kb
January 28, 2002 -- IMF Survey:
PRSP conference opens; euro & EMU prospects; IMF extends Argentine debt deadline; AEA conference; IMF approves review of Brazil's performance; Carson & Bove on GDDS African project; IMF transparency; and Vietnam strives for higher growth. PDF File Size: 427Kb
August 13, 2001 -- IMF Survey:
IMF support for Turkey, Argentina, Brazil; IMF conditionality conference; UNDP Human Development Report; Trinidad & Tobago PDF File Size: 936Kb
August 02, 1999 -- IMF Survey:
Stand-by credit for Russia; sequencing financial sector reforms; Summers on debt relief; IMF staff reports--pilot project; Brazil credit tranche approved; Galbraith on 20th century's unfinished business; and Dubrovnik conference on transition economies PDF File Size: 671Kb
April 05, 1999 -- IMF Survey:
Agreement on key elements of Russian program; credit disbursement for Brazil; augmented support for Indonesia; Camdessus on Nigeria's reforms; large capital flows; exchange rate implications of EMU; and strengthened SDDS: and offshore banking. PDF File Size: 235Kb
March 22, 1999 -- IMF Survey:
Brazil's revised economic program; Camdessus on Latin American regionalism; euro area data in IFS; U.K. monetary policy framework; tax policy and Asian crisis; joint external debt statistics; and trade, prices, and demand in China PDF File Size: 614Kb
February 08, 1999 -- IMF Survey:
IMF quota increase enters into effect and IMF quotas and reviews; Brazil and IMF agree on elements of new policy framework; IMF and market information; Camdessus on transition economies, Asian crisis and social issues; inequality and role of government PDF File Size: 480Kb
January 25, 1999 -- IMF Survey:
IMF assessment of programs in Indonesia, Korea, and Thailand and press conferences by Jack Boorman; Brazil-IMF discussions; report on American Economic Assocation meeting; Camdessus on Asian crisis; and Portuguese banking reforms. PDF File Size: 577Kb
December 14, 1998 -- IMF Survey:
Financial market turbulence; IMF approves Brazil credit; U.S. inflation and unemployment; debt relief for Honduras and Nicaragua; Camdessus in Latin America; corporate debt in east Asia; and budget reform in Lithuania. PDF File Size: 405Kb
November 30, 1998 -- IMF Survey:
Impact of euro introduction, debt assistance for Honduras and Nicaragua, IMF press conference on Brazil, Camdessus on financial sector reforms, Max Corden on Asian crisis, sound banking in sub-Saharan Africa, and bank restructuring in Kazakhstan. PDF File Size: 564Kb
November 16, 1998 -- IMF Survey:
Brazil-IMF conclude negotiations on financing package, UNCTAD report on foreign direct investment; Camdessus on financial reform, Group of Seven plan for financial reform, and financial sector development in sub-Saharan Africa. PDF File Size: 413Kb
November 02, 1998 -- IMF Survey:
Brazil-IMF discussions; capital account liberalization issues; Governors' Annual Meetings addresses; Sutherland's Per Jacobbson lecture; Group of 24 communique; and Camdessus on poverty and social justice. PDF File Size: 345Kb