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Chile and the IMF
Updated June 1, 2015

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on September 05, 2012. Listed below are items related to Chile, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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April 15, 1998 -- Chile - Selected Issues
Series: IMF Staff Country Report No. 98/26
April 08, 1998 -- Chile - Selected Issues
Series: IMF Staff Country Report No. 99/15
April 01, 1998 -- Competitiveness and the Evolution of the Real Exchange Rate in Chile
Author/Editor: Guerguil, Martine | Kaufman, Martin David
Series: Working Paper No. 98/58
February 20, 1998 -- Press Information Notice: IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation with Chile
Public Information Notices (PINs) form part of the IMF's efforts to promote transparency of the IMF's views and analysis of economic developments and policies.
December 01, 1997 -- Money, Wages and Inflation in Middle-Income Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Agénor, Pierre-Richard | Hoffmaister, Alexander W.
Series: Working Paper No. 97/174
November 01, 1997 -- Sequencing Capital Account Liberalization - Lessons from the Experiences in Chile, Indonesia, Korea, and Thailand
Author/Editor: Johnston, R. B. | Darbar, Salim M. | Echeverria, Claudia
Series: Working Paper No. 97/157
October 20, 1997 -- Old Battles and New Challenges: A Perspective on Latin America
Address given at the Europe-Latin America Convention, Bordeaux, France
September 23, 1997 -- Statement by the Hon. Carlos A. Massad, Governor of the World Bank and the Fund for Chile on behalf of the Latin American Governors of the Fund, at the Joint Annual Discussion.
PDF File Size: 34Kb
September 01, 1997 -- Potential Output Growth in Emerging Market Countries - The Case of Chile
Author/Editor: Roldos, Jorge E.
Series: Working Paper No. 97/104
May 01, 1997 -- What Type of Contracts Underlie Aggregate Wage Dynamics?
Author/Editor: Jadresic, Esteban
Series: Working Paper No. 97/67
October 01, 1996 -- Current Account Sustainability - Selected East Asian and Latin American Experiences
Author/Editor: Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria | Razin, Assaf
Series: Working Paper No. 96/110
September 10, 1996 -- Chile--Recent Economic Developments
Series: IMF Staff Country Report No. 96/89
August 01, 1996 -- Pension Reform, Financial Market Development, and Economic Growth: Preliminary Evidence from Chile
Author/Editor: Holzmann, Robert
Series: Working Paper No. 96/94
Notes: Also published in Staff Papers, Vol. 44, No. 2, June 1997.
May 01, 1996 -- Credit and Exchange Rate-Based Stabilization
Author/Editor: Khamis, May Y.
Series: Working Paper No. 96/51
May 01, 1996 -- Implications of a Surge in Capital Inflows - Available Tools and Consequences for the Conduct of Monetary Policy
Author/Editor: Lee, Jang-Yung
Series: Working Paper No. 96/53
December 01, 1995 -- A Survey of Economic Policies and Macroeconomic Performance in Chile and Colombia, 1970-95
Author/Editor: Clavijo, Sergio
Series: Working Paper No. 95/139
October 23, 1995 -- Chile - Recent Economic Developments
Series: IMF Staff Country Report No. 95/102
Notes: This report on recent economic developments in Chile was prepared by a staff team of the International Monetary Fund as background documentation for the periodic consultation with this member country. In releasing this document for public use, confidential material may have been removed at the request of the member.
October 06, 1995 -- Financial Fragilities in Latin America: The 1980s and 1990s
Author/Editor: Rojas-Suárez, Liliana | Weisbrod, Steven Riess
Series: Occasional Paper No. 132
July 06, 1995 -- The Adoption of Indirect Instruments of Monetary Policy
Author/Editor: Baliño, Tomás J. T. | Enoch, Charles | Alexander, William E.
Series: Occasional Paper No. 126
Notes: By a staff team headed by William E. Alexander, Tomas J. T. Balino, and Charles Enoch and comprising Francesco Caramazza, George Iden, David Marston, Johannes Mueller, Ceyla Pazarbasioglu, Marc Quintyn, Matthew Saal, and Gabriel Sensenbrenner.
October 01, 1994 -- Financial Market Fragilities in Latin America: From Banking Crisis Resolution to Current Policy Challenges
Author/Editor: Rojas-Suárez, Liliana | Weisbrod, Steven Riess
Series: Working Paper No. 94/117

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