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What we do in China



The IMF Resident Representative Office in China was established in 1991. Since then, the main objective of the Office has been two-fold.

The Great Wall, China

The Great Wall, China

First, the office maintains an ongoing policy dialogue with the Chinese authorities, together with headquarters staff, on macroeconomic and structural reform issues. It also monitors and analyzes economic developments, identifies policy issues, and informs the Fund staff at headquarters. In addition, the office exchanges views with the local and international community in these areas.

Second, the office coordinates technical assistance programs with the authorities, headquarters staff, and the donor community. The aim is to help the authorities expedite reforms in a number of areas, including: monetary policy and banking activities, fiscal management, balance of payments policies and operations, economic and financial statistics compilation and dissemination, and capacity building in macroeconomic management.


The Resident Representative's office in Beijing maintains a library that contains a number of IMF publications, including the World Economic Outlook, IMF Annual report, International Financial Statistics, Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions, Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook, Government finance Statistics Yearbook, Direction of Trade Statistics and IMF Chinese-English glossary of terms. The office is open to the public from 9 am-12:30 pm and 2 pm-5 pm, Monday to Friday. Please contact Li Jing at 86-10-6505-1155 ext. 208 for any queries about the library.

Who we are



Alfred Schipke, Senior Resident Representative of China

Alfred Schipke, is the IMF Senior Resident Representative for China. Previously, he was a division chief in the Asia and Pacific Department, where he coordinated the work on fast growing low income countries in South-East Asia (Frontier Economies) and led missions to Vietnam. He was a division chief in the IMF’s Western Hemisphere Department in charge of the Latin Caribbean and Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU) divisions. Among others, he negotiated a high access Stand-by Arrangement, which included a debt restructuring and a debt-equity swap for one of the countries in the ECCU, as well as an $800 million precautionary Stand-By Arrangement for El Salvador. Also, he was the Regional Resident Representative for Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic and worked in the IMF European Department. He teaches international trade and finance at Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government and has authored and edited a number of books and articles, including a recently published handbook on the ECCU. His research has focused on economic integration and the linkages between macroeconomics and finance.


Murtaza Syed, Resident Representative of China

Murtaza Syed, Murtaza Syed joined the IMF through the Economist Program in 2004. He has since worked in the Fiscal Affairs Department and the Asia Pacific Department.

Mr. Syed has previously covered a broad range of Asian economies, including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong SAR, and Laos. He has also been involved in the IMF’s regional surveillance in Asia and its lending program with Dominica. His research interests include trade, investment, inequality, fiscal sustainability, and financial spillovers.

Mr. Syed has a Ph.D. in Economics from Oxford University (Nuffield College). Before joining the IMF, Murtaza worked as Research Economist at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) in London, Senior Policy Analyst at the UNDP-sponsored Human Development Center (HDC) in Islamabad, and taught at Oxford.

IMF Work Experience

2010-present: Resident Representative (China), APD
11.03.2008: Economist, Division 1 (Japan), APD
02.01.2007: Economist, Division 6 (South Korea and Regional Studies Unit), APD
06.01.2006: Economist, Division 8 (Hong Kong SAR), APD
06.07.2004: Economist (Economist Program) (FAD, APD)

Other Work Experience

2002-2004 Institute for Fiscal Studies, Research Economist
2001-2002 Oxford University, Tutor
1997-1999 Human Development Center, Senior Policy Analyst

Beijing Office Staff

Cai Zhihong, Economist (seconded from People's Bank of China)

Liu Xu, Economist (seconded from State Administration of Foreign Exchange)

Ji Xuelei, Part-time Economist (seconded from the Ministry of Finance)

Xie Peichu, Part-time Economist

Li Jing, Office Manager

Ru Xiaoxi, Staff Assistant

Wang Wenfeng, Despatcher/Driver (seconded from People's Bank of China)

Lei Jinqiang, Despatcher/Driver

Team at IMF Headquarters in Washington D.C.

Nigel Chalk, Mission Chief for China, Assistant Director, Asia and Pacific Department (APD)

Steven Barnett, Deputy Division Chief, Division 6, APD

Papa N’Diaye, Senior Economist, Division 6, APD

Nathan Porter, Economist, Division 6, APD

Resident Representative Office in People's Republic of China

Alfred Schipke, Senior Resident Representative

Room 1806, East Tower, Twin Towers
No. B12, Jianguomenwai Avenue
Beijing 100004, P.R. China
Off. email: RR-CHN@IMF.ORG
Telephone: 86 10 6505 1155
Fax: 86 10 6505 8580