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Germany and the IMF
Updated March 23, 2017

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on June 24, 2016. Listed below are items related to Germany, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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June 24, 2003 -- A Cooperative Approach to Strengthening Global Growth, address by Eduardo Aninat, Deputy Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
Given at the 54rd Annual Meeting of the ifo Institute for Economic Research, Munich, Germany
June 20, 2003 -- We Should Not Lose More Time, Interview with Horst Köhler, Managing Director, IMF
Published in Manager Magazine
May 29, 2003 -- Transcript of an IMF Economic Forum: Should We Be Worried About 'Deflation'?
May 28, 2003 -- Concluding Statement of the IMF Mission on Euro Area Policies
Describes the preliminary findings of IMF staff at the conclusion of certain missions (official staff visits, in most cases to member countries). Missions are undertaken as part of regular (usually annual) consultations under Article IV of the IMF's Articles of Agreement, in the context of a request to use IMF resources (borrow from the IMF), as part of discussions of staff monitored programs, and as part of other staff reviews of economic developments.
May 15, 2003 -- The Challenges of Globalization and the Role of the IMF, Address by IMF Managing Director Horst Köhler
Given at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Economics and Management at Humboldt University Berlin
April 12, 2003 -- IMFC Statement by Hans Eichel, Minister of Finance, Germany, April 12, 2003
The International Monetary and Financial Committee statement on behalf of Germany
April 12, 2003 -- Statement by Mr. Christodoulakis, Minister of Economy and Finance of Greece, in his capacity as Chairman of the EU Council of Economic and Finance Ministers, to the International Monetary and Financial Committee, April 12, 2003
The International Monetary and Financial Committee statement on behalf of the EU Council of Economic and Finance Ministers
April 09, 2003 -- Transcript of the April 2003 World Economic Outlook Press Conference
March 27, 2003 -- Transcript of a Press Conference on the Global Financial Stability Report, Frankfurt, Germany
March 09, 2003 -- Transcript of Remarks by the Managing Director, Mr. Horst Köhler, at the Fourth Annual Conference of the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank, and Question and Answer Session with Parliamentarians, Athens, March 9, 2003
February 10, 2003 -- The IMF Strikes Back, By Kenneth Rogoff, Economic Counsellor and Director, Research Department, IMF
Published in Foreign Policy Magazine
January 01, 2003 -- What Determines the Reservation Wages of Unemployed Workers? New Evidence from German Micro Data
Author/Editor: Prasad, Eswar
Series: Working Paper No. 03/4
December 01, 2002 -- Macroeconomic News and Stock Returns in the United States and Germany
Author/Editor: Funke, Norbert | Matsuda, Akimi
Series: Working Paper No. 02/239
November 15, 2002 -- Strengthening the Framework for the Global Economy, Address by Horst Köhler, Managing Director, IMF
Given on the occasion of the Award Ceremony of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Social Market Economy Prize to Professor Werner Otto, Berlin
October 31, 2002 -- Public Information Notice: IMF Concludes 2002 Article IV Consultation with Germany
Each Public Information Notice contains a background section, a table of selected economic indicators, and an Executive Board assessment.
October 31, 2002 -- Germany: 2002 Article IV Consultation--Staff Report; Staff Supplement; and Public Information Notice on the Executive Board Discussion
Series: Country Report No. 02/239
October 31, 2002 -- Germany: Selected Issues
Series: Country Report No. 02/240
October 29, 2002 -- Transcript of a Conference Call on the Euro Area, By Michael Deppler, Director, European I Department, IMF
The Article IV process that we're concluding this morning is with the Euro Area; that is, it covers basically the policy of the ECB and of the area wide policies of the EU, the Commission, the ECOFIN and the Eurogroup more exactly.
October 29, 2002 -- Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies of the Euro Area--Selected Issues
Series: Country Report No. 02/236
September 29, 2002 -- Statement by the Hon. Ernst Welteke, Governor of the IMF for Germany, at the Joint Annual Discussion of the Boards of Governors of the IMF and World Bank, September 29, 2002
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