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Japan and the IMF
Updated May 9, 2017

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on July 29, 2016. Listed below are items related to Japan, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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September 20, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Weak and Bumpy Global Recovery Ahead
The global economic recovery is slowing, and the world economy is in a dangerous new phase, the IMF says in its latest forecast. The IMF’s World Economic Outlook says strong, coordinated action is necessary to avert a decade of lost growth in the advanced economies.
July 19, 2011 -- Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Concludes 2011 Article IV Consultation with Japan
Each Public Information Notice contains a background section, a table of selected economic indicators, and an Executive Board assessment.
July 19, 2011 -- Transcript of a Teleconference Call on the International Monetary Fund’s 2011 Article IV Consultation with Japan
July 19, 2011 -- Japan : 2011 Article IV Consultation: Staff Report; Staff Supplement; Public Information Notice on the Executive Board Discussion
Series: Country Report No. 11/181
July 19, 2011 -- Japan : Selected Issues
Series: Country Report No. 11/182
July 19, 2011 -- Japan : Spillover Report for the 2011 Article IV Consultation and Selected Issues
Series: Country Report No. 11/183
July 19, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Japan: Lower Public Debt, Structural Reforms Critical, says IMF
The massive earthquake in northeast Japan earlier this year has led to additional government spending, pushing the country’s public debt to higher levels. The world’s third largest economy needs to consolidate its fiscal position over the medium term, says the IMF in its regular assessment.
July 11, 2011 -- Consolidated Spillover Report - Implications from the Analysis of the Systemic-5
Subject: Spillovers | United States | China | United Kingdom | Japan | Europe | Euro Area | Economic growth | Fiscal policy | Monetary policy | External sector | Cross country analysis
June 21, 2011 -- “The Challenges of Economic Policy Cooperation” By John Lipsky – Acting Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
June 20, 2011 -- Financial Market Update:
Since the publication of the April 2011 Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR), financial risks have risen for three reasons. First, while a multi-speed global recovery remains the base case, downside risks to this baseline have increased. Second, concern about debt sustainability and support for adjustment efforts in Europe’s periphery is leading to market pressures and worries about potential contagion. Political risks are also raising questions about medium term fiscal adjustment in a few advanced countries, notably, the United States and Japan. Third, notwithstanding some recent pullback in risk appetite, the prolonged period of low interest rates may push investors into riskier assets in a “search for yield.” This trend has the potential to build financial imbalances for the future, particularly in some emerging markets. Against these tensions, deep-seated challenges remain. Although there has been progress, improvements in financial system robustness have been insufficient so far. Markets may lose patience and become disorderly if political developments derail momentum on fiscal consolidation and financial repair and reform. Given these risks, policymakers need to accelerate actions to address long-standing financial vulnerabilities as outlined in the GFSR, before the window of opportunity to do so closes.
Text also available in: عربي; 中文; Español; Français; 日本語;
June 17, 2011 -- Transcript of a Press Briefing on the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook, Global Financial Stability Report and Fiscal Monitor Updates
June 17, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Global Growth Hits Soft Patch, Expected to Rebound
The global economy, hit by slowdowns in Japan and the United States, is expected to reaccelerate in the second half of the year, but growth remains unbalanced and concerted action by major economies is needed to avoid lurking dangers, the IMF says in its latest forecast.
June 16, 2011 -- Raising the Consumption Tax in Japan: Why, When, How?
Author/Editor: Kang, Kenneth | Keen, Michael | Pradhan, Mahmood | Mooij, Ruud A.
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 11/13
June 15, 2011 -- Changing Patterns of Global Trade
Subject: International trade | United States | Japan | China | Euro Area | Export markets | Trade integration | Exports | Supply elasticity | Demand elasticity | Export prices | Export growth
June 14, 2011 -- Finance & Development, June 2011
Series: Finance & Development, Volume 48, No. 2
June 10, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Supporting Aging Populations as Demographics Shift
Demographic changes are threatening the ability of many countries to provide a decent standard of living for the old without imposing a crushing burden on the young, says the IMF’s Finance & Development magazine in a cover story. The world’s population is projected to rise to 9 billion by 2050.
June 08, 2011 -- 2011 Article IV Consultation with Japan: Concluding Statement of the IMF Mission
Describes the preliminary findings of IMF staff at the conclusion of certain missions (official staff visits, in most cases to member countries). Missions are undertaken as part of regular (usually annual) consultations under Article IV of the IMF's Articles of Agreement, in the context of a request to use IMF resources (borrow from the IMF), as part of discussions of staff monitored programs, and as part of other staff reviews of economic developments.
June 08, 2011 -- Press Release: IMF Team Completes the 2011 Article IV Consultation Discussions with Japan
June 08, 2011 -- Transcript of the IMF Press Conference on the Article IV Consultation Mission to Japan
June 08, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Japan Set to Recover Sharply, but Disaster Takes Heavy Toll
Japan’s huge earthquake and devastating tsunami last March have taken a heavy toll on the country’s economy, and even though output will revive in the second half of the year as reconstruction takes hold, the IMF projects overall growth for the year will fall to -0.7 percent this year.

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