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Mexico and the IMF
Updated July 28, 2015

The last Article IV Executive Board Consultation was on November 07, 2014. Listed below are items related to Mexico, in reverse chronological order (you can also view items by category).

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September 23, 1997 -- Statement by the Hon. Carlos A. Massad, Governor of the World Bank and the Fund for Chile on behalf of the Latin American Governors of the Fund, at the Joint Annual Discussion.
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September 19, 1997 -- Seminar--Asia and the IMF--Stanley Fischer
The recent market turmoil in the region has raised two fundamental sets of questions: the first, about the sustainability of the Asian miracle; and the second, about the risks of capital account liberalization.
July 11, 1997 -- Borrowing Risk and the Tequila Effect
Author/Editor: Agénor, Pierre-Richard
Series: Working Paper No. 97/86
June 17, 1997 -- Global Capital Flows: Raising the Returns and Reducing the Risks
Address by Michel Camdessus at the World Affairs Council of Los Angeles, California
June 03, 1997 -- News Brief: IMF Staff Views Favorably Mexican Medium-Term Program
April 24, 1997 -- Press Conference by Michel Camdessus, Managing Director
As usual, I might tell you what is the agenda that we will suggest the Ministers and Governors adopt next Monday at the Interim Committee. In addition to discussing the World Economic Outlook in the morning session, Ministers will also review our progress in strengthening surveillance and our progress on the standards for dissemination of economic and financial data.
March 01, 1997 -- Bank Credit in Argentina in the Aftermath of the Mexican Crisis: Supply or Demand Constrained?
Author/Editor: Catão, Luis
Series: Working Paper No. 97/32
January 15, 1997 -- News Brief: Camdessus Welcomes Advance Repayment of Loans by Mexico, Positive Developments in Mexican Economy
December 01, 1996 -- Banking System Fragility: Likelihood Versus Timing of Failure - An Application to the Mexican Financial Crisis
Author/Editor: González-Hermosillo, Brenda | Pazarbasioglu, Ceyla | Billings, Robert
Series: Working Paper No. 96/142
Notes: See also Staff Papers, Vol. 44, No. 3, September 1997, entitled "Determinants of Banking System Fragility: A Case Study of Mexico."
December 01, 1996 -- Capital Inflows and the Real Exchange Rate: Analytical Framework and Econometric Evidence
Author/Editor: Agénor, Pierre-Richard | Hoffmaister, Alexander W.
Series: Working Paper No. 96/137
October 03, 1996 -- Press Conference by Michel Camdessus, Managing Director
I can be very brief. I must apologize, first, for a very dull Annual Meeting. We had only very good news; so this was probably no news, and your life was not that exciting. Nevertheless, I hope you will find a few questions still of interest for you.
October 01, 1996 -- Address by Michel Camdessus at the 1996 Annual Meetings
Address by Michel Camdessus to the Board of Governors of the Fund, Washington, D.C.
October 01, 1996 -- Current Account Sustainability - Selected East Asian and Latin American Experiences
Author/Editor: Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria | Razin, Assaf
Series: Working Paper No. 96/110
September 26, 1996 -- Press Conference by Michel Camdessus, Managing Director
As on previous occasions, let me tell you what we have on the menu of the Interim Committee for next Sunday which, as you know, determines more or less the focus of the agenda of the Annual Meetings as well.
August 01, 1996 -- Regional Growth in Mexico: 1970-93
Author/Editor: Juan-Ramon, V. Hugo | Rivera-Batiz, Luis
Series: Working Paper No. 96/92
July 15, 1996 -- Challenges Facing the IMF and Malaysia -- Address by Michel Camdessus
Address by Michel Camdessus at a meeting of financial and business leaders, Kuala Lumpur
July 01, 1996 -- Deja Vu All Over Again? The Mexican Crisis and the Stabilization of Uruguay in the 1970s
Author/Editor: Bléjer, Mario I. | del Castillo, Graciana
Series: Working Paper No. 96/80
June 24, 1996 -- The G-7 in 1996: What is at Stake -- Address by Michel Camdessus
Address by Michel Camdessus at the Colloquium Les Enjeux du G-7, Lyons, France
May 27, 1996 -- Argentina and the Challenge of Globalization — Address by Michel Camdessus
Address by Michel Camdessus at the Academy of Economic Science, Buenos Aires, Argentina
May 01, 1996 -- Credit and Exchange Rate-Based Stabilization
Author/Editor: Khamis, May Y.
Series: Working Paper No. 96/51

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