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Article IV Staff Reports

Financial Sector Assessment Program

Projected % Change
   2017  2018
Real GDP 3.1 2.9
Consumer Prices 1.5 2
Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2017)
Please refer to more recent Press Release/Staff reports on this country for possible revisions.

New Zealand: Financial Position in the Fund

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New Zealand and the IMF
Updated May 10, 2017

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IMF Survey Online
June 04, 2015 -- Podcast : Solvency or Bust?
Public debt is a normal part of a government’s finances, but too much debt can have serious consequences for a country. During a seminar at the IMF-World Bank Meetings, one former head of state, who left office with public finances in good standing, explains how her administration succeeded where others have so often failed.
January 22, 2010 -- IMF Survey: Australian, New Zealand Banks Remain Sound During Global Crisis
Australian and New Zealand banks remain sound by international standards, two recent IMF studies said. But the studies encouraged supervisors in both countries to step up stress tests to assess bank resilience to deterioration in economic and financial conditions.