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Real GDP 0.3 2.4
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Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2017)
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Chad and the IMF
Updated August 4, 2017

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IMF Survey Online
April 16, 2016 -- IMF Survey : Drought, Insecurity Add to Commodity Woes—African Ministers
The dramatic decline in commodity prices combined with severe drought conditions and rising insecurity has hit many countries hard, African finance ministers said during the IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington.
September 10, 2015 -- Podcast : Sub-Saharan Africa Getting a Grip on Inflation
Inflation can determine a currency’s purchasing power as high inflation means rising prices. But what drives inflation differs from region to region. In this podcast we talk with Oral Williams, IMF Mission Chief for Malawi and coauthor of a new research paper that shows the drivers of inflation are changing in sub-Saharan Africa.
May 12, 2015 -- Podcast : Allégement de la Dette de $1,1 Milliard en Faveur du Tchad
Mauricio Villafuerte , Chef de mission pour le Tchad dit que le pays a mené à bien de remarquables réformes économiques, ce qui lui a permis d’avoir accès à un allègement de la dette dans le cadre de l’initiative en faveur des pays pauvres très endettés (PPTE).
May 08, 2015 -- Podcast : $1.1 Billion in Debt Relief for Chad
Mauricio Villafuerte, IMF Mission Chief for Chad says the country has made some remarkable economic reforms since 2010, paving the way for US$1.1 billion in debt relief under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative.
October 11, 2014 -- IMF Survey : Affected Countries Working on Post-Ebola Recovery Plan
The three countries worst hit by the Ebola outbreak in West Africa are working on a post-Ebola recovery plan, Sierra Leone Finance Minister Kaifala Marah tells a Washington news conference, adding that the outbreak has reversed years of economic progress in Sierra Leone.
April 12, 2014 -- IMF Survey : Energy Revenues to Help Africa Trim ‘Infrastructure Gap’
New revenue streams from oil and gas would be devoted to investments in roads, railways, ports, and power, African finance officials say. They tell a news briefing that Africa’s “infrastructure gap” will have to be overcome to help achieve inclusive growth.
March 27, 2014 -- IMF Survey : Chad Reaps Benefits of High Oil Prices, Oil-related Projects
Chad’s GDP growth rate is set to spike above 10 percent in 2014 from 3.6 percent last year, helped by high oil prices, the coming on stream of new oil-related projects, and strong agricultural production, an IMF review of the country’s economy says.
October 03, 2012 -- IMF Survey: Oil Revenue Has Power to Transform Countries of Central Africa
In a new book titled “Oil Wealth in Central Africa: Policies for Inclusive Growth”, several IMF economists analyze the challenges of managing oil wealth in Central Africa and outline policies that could help the region’s five oil producing countries overcome these obstacles.
November 10, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Higher Oil Production, Better Security Improve Chad's Prospects
Higher oil output and new capital projects should boost Chad’s medium-term growth and alleviate electricity disruptions, the IMF’s regular assessment of the nation’s economy says, adding that Chad should use its oil windfall to rebuild a savings buffer against the risk of an oil price drop.
April 16, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Africa Should Cut Reliance on Commodity Exports—Ministers
Africa should broaden its economic base and not remain so dependent on commodity exports for its growth, African finance ministers say during the IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings. They tell a briefing that diversification into more labor-intensive industry would make Africa’s growth less volatile and more inclusive.