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Article IV Staff Reports

Projected % Change
   2017  2018
Real GDP 2.3 2.3
Consumer Prices 2.9 2.8
Source: World Economic Outlook (April 2017)
Please refer to more recent Press Release/Staff reports on this country for possible revisions.

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Tuvalu and the IMF
Updated August 1, 2017

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IMF Survey Online
October 20, 2014 -- Podcast : Being a Small State Isn’t Easy, But It Doesn’t Have to be Hard
Small states or countries with fewer than 1.5 million people have been struggling economically in recent years. An IMF economist offers an explanation and possible solutions.
March 21, 2012 -- IMF Survey: Sheer Distance a Factor as Pacific Islands Seek to Boost Growth
The Pacific islands must address the impact of their remoteness and other unique economic issues as they seek to regain income levels prevailing before the global economic crisis. A conference in Samoa will look at how to make the islands more resilient to economic shocks.
May 10, 2011 -- IMF Survey: Surveillance Brings Tuvalu Closer to International Fold
After spending increases in the last few years, Tuvalu’s government needs to cut outlays and boost tax compliance, the IMF says in its regular review of the country’s economy. The Pacific island nation also needs to strengthen fiscal management and improve budget reporting and analysis.
June 24, 2010 -- IMF Survey: Tuvalu Becomes IMF's 187th Member
The Pacific island nation of Tuvalu becomes the IMF’s 187thmember, as Finance Minister Lotoala Metia signs the Articles of Agreement at IMF headquarters in Washington, D.C. An IMF mission will visit Tuvalu later this year to review economic developments and exchange views with the government.