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United States and the IMF
Updated August 16, 2017

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Finance & Development
May 26, 2016 -- Taxing the Rich: A History of Fiscal Fairness in the United States and Europe - Book Reviews - Finance & Development, June 2016
Kenneth Scheve and David Stasavage - Taxing the Rich: A History of Fiscal Fairness in the United States and Europe
June 01, 2008 -- Finance & Development, June 2008 - Outbreak: U.S. Subprime Contagion
By Randall Dodd and Paul Mills - Any of the problems in the U.S. mortgage market could have been contained; together, they caused a crisis that spread across the globe
March 01, 2004 -- Finance & Development, March 2004 - Country Focus: The United States
Near-term prospects for the U.S. economy are favorable, but the fiscal deficit poses long-term challenges. A graphical look at the U.S. economy, illustrated with eight charts.
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March 01, 2002 -- Finance & Development, March 2002 - September 11 and the U.S. Payment System
By Christine M. Cumming - What lessons can we draw from September 11 to help us safeguard the financial system against possible future disasters?
June 01, 2001 -- Finance & Development, June 2001 - Who Has a New Economy?
By Paula De Masi, Marcello Estevao, and Laura Kodres - In the second half of the 1990s, the United States enjoyed strong economic growth combined with low inflation and increased labor productivity, leading many observers to proclaim the birth of a 'new economy' linked to advances in information and communications technologies.
June 01, 2001 -- Finance & Development, June 2001 - Can the World Economy Afford U.S. Tax Cuts? The International Dollar Standard Redux
By Ronald McKinnon
September 01, 2000 -- Finance & Development, September 2000 - Funding the IMF: The Debate in the U.S. Congress
By Mary Locke: It has been said that the U.S. Congress works in mysterious ways. During the 1997-98 debate on increasing funding for the IMF, some supporters of the IMF viewed the increasingly intense debate with foreboding. Even some knowledgeable insiders believed that opponents of the quota increase were getting the upper hand. So how was it that full funding was ultimately approved?
March 01, 2000 -- Finance & Development, March 2000 - Is the U.S. Current Account Deficit Sustainable?
By Catherine L. Mann: The U.S. current account deficit, driven by the United States' widening trade deficit, is the largest it has ever been, both as a share of the U.S. economy and in dollar terms. How much longer can the United States continue to spend more than it earns and support the resumption of global growth?
June 01, 1998 -- Finance & Development June 1998 - The International Use of Currencies: The U.S. Dollar and the Euro
By George S. Tavlas - Why does the international monetary system seem to need only one or, at most, a few national currencies to carry out international transactions? This article offers an explanation, discusses recent trends in the international use of the dollar, and assesses the possible impact of the euro in world financial markets.