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IMF Team in Hanoi

What we do in Vietnam

The IMF team in Hanoi, the Vietnam office is small but very efficient.


Our office is open from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm daily, Monday - Friday, with closure from 12:00-1:30 for lunch.

Front row (left to right): Hao Danh Nguyen, Hai Hoang, Van Anh Nguyen, Jonathan Dunn, Le My Nguyen, Dai Quang Du, Nga Kim Ha

Jonathan Dunn, Resident Representative, Vietnam/Lao PDR. Jonathan began his assignment in August 2015. He joined the IMF in 1993 and has worked with a range of countries in the African, Asia and Pacific, European, and Middle East and Central Asia Departments. He has served as the IMF Resident Representative to four countries (Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Georgia, and Nigeria). From 2010-15, Jonathan was the IMF mission chief for Fiji, Maldives,and Tajikistan, and pursued cross-country work with the Pacific islands and with countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics from the University of Maryland. He speaks Russian and is studying Vietnamese.

Hao Danh Nguyen, Senior Economics and Operations Officer. Hao joined the IMF Hanoi Office in 1993. He is in charge of fiscal sectors issues, office operations and budget. Hao holds degrees from the Vietnam-French Center of Management (MBA) and Polytechnique University in Hanoi (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science). Prior to 1993, he worked for UNDP, Vietnam. He has a working knowledge of French.

Nga Kim Ha, Senior Economics Officer. Nga was seconded to the IMF Hanoi Office from the State Bank of Vietnam in 1997 and became a staff member in 2000. Nga is in charge of monetary and external sectors. She is the primary contact point in our office for Lao PDR. She also administers the IMF training programs for the office. She holds degrees from Saitama University, Japan (M.A., Public Policy) and National Economics University, Hanoi (B.A., Economics).

Van Anh Nguyen, Economic Analyst. Van Anh joined the IMF Hanoi Office in 1997, and is in charge of real sector, and data management and analysis. She holds degrees from the National Economics University, Hanoi (MBA) and the University of Agriculture, Hanoi (Bsc).

Hai Hoang, Office Manager. Hai joined the IMF Hanoi Office in 2004. Besides administering the office, she co-handles operations and the budget with Hao. She holds a B.A. from the Foreign Language University, Hanoi. She has a good working knowledge of German.

Dai Quang Du, Office Driver and Technical Assistant. Dai has worked for IMF Hanoi Office since 2007. Prior to 2007, he worked for several Japanese companies (Mitsubishi, Hitachi, SEED Vietnam). He is fluent in Russian.

Le My Nguyen, Office Assistant. Le has worked for the IMF Hanoi Office since 2007. She makes absolutely the best cup of tea in Hanoi. You are invited to come by!!!

Resident Representative for Vietnam

Jonathan Dunn
Jonathan Dunn
Resident Representative
Tel: 84-4-3-824-3350
Fax: 84-4-3-825-1885

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