IMF Resident Representative
Office in Vietnam

At a Glance - Vietnam and the IMF
last updated: August 14, 2002

Financial Assistance

Over the past years, Vietnam has used IMF resources on several occasions (see Financial Position in the Fund: V. Latest Financial Arrangements). A stand-by arrangement for SDR 145 million was approved on October 6, 1993, following the clearance of arrears to the Fund dating back to the early 1980s. The stand-by arrangement was enhanced through purchases of SDR 29 million under the Systemic Transformation Facility for countries in transition. On November 11, 1994, a total of SDR 362.4 million was approved in connection with a three-year enhanced structural adjustment program. A Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility arrangement for SDR 290 million (88 percent of quota) was approved on April 13, 2001. The program aims at raising rates of economic growth and poverty reduction through boosting private investment and overall competitiveness.

Technical Assistance

The IMF has provided Vietnam technical assistance in the areas of tax policy and administration, public expenditure management and fiscal transparency, monetary and foreign exchange operations, central banking, bank restructuring and supervision, economic statistics/GDDS, and others.

The IMF Institute, the Joint Vienna Institute and the IMF-Singapore Regional Training Institute have provided training to Vietnamese officials in financial analysis, programming and policy, public finance, government finance statistics, balance of payments methodology, and in other areas. In addition, Vietnamese officials have attended IMF seminars in areas such as centrally planned economies in transition, aspects of tax policy and tax administration, current legal issues affecting central banks, and foreign exchange policies and operations. Vietnamese officials have also attended long-term training courses (for a Post-Graduate Diploma or Master Degree) funded by the IMF-Japan Scholarship Program for Asia and the Australia-IMF scholarship Program for Asia.