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isabel WEO data on material offshoring
I'm wondering why the Figure 5.6. on material offshoring (top panel) ends in 2001 while the text talks about a 10 percent rate for 2003. Does the chart not show all data available? Can I obtain the data for 2002 and 2003 as well? Thanks.
8/7/2008 3:25:23 PM
WEOModerator Re : WEO data on material offshoring
Isabel, thank you for your question and we apologize for the delay in responding. The person who put together the dataset you are referring to is no longer with the WEO team so we had to do a bit of investigating to see if the data you are looking for is available. Unfortunately, we cannot find any more data which are not already provided in the figures.

I'm sorry that we cannot assist you further with this question. In the future, aside from the Figure number please also include in your question the WEO issue month and year of the Figure or Table to help us answer your query.

9/3/2008 1:51:47 PM