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IMF Videos
Last updated: August 17, 2006

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Inside Money: Cooperative Solutions from the IMF
An animated video that explains how a government and the IMF work cooperatively to solve a country’s economic problems. The action takes place on a TV news magazine show with scenes from the country and interviews with policy-makers in an informative and entertaining format.

TRT: 11:53
Formats: VHS, BETA
Standards: NTSC, PAL
Language Versions: English, French, Spanish, Arabic

Copyright: 2003

Documentaries (long format videos)

Uganda: A Different Drummer
Uganda has begun eradicating poverty with a unique approach. Gone is the old way of government telling the poor what’s good for them. Instead – via community meetings around the country - the poor are telling government what they want and government is responding. The results so far: better healthcare, free elementary education, new roads and agricultural extension programs. And the bright lights of transparency are exposing corruption. Uganda’s struggle to eradicate poverty and reduce debt is told in a new fact-based video produced by the IMF Video Project. With compelling images and interviews, the video traces the beginnings of the poverty and debt reduction initiative, implementation of the program and its impact on the people of Uganda.

Copyright: 2002

Millennium: The IMF in the New Century
The International Monetary Fund is evolving as a global financial institution to meet the economic challenges of the 21st century. Following the devastation of World War II, the IMF was established to foster economic stability and promote peace. Now at the dawn of a new century, the IMF provides member nations with advice and loans to help them build better lives for their people. This documentary style video, which helps viewers understand the world monetary system, is presented in four stand-alone segments. "Out of the Ashes" – the IMF’s origins; "Keeping Track" – IMF oversight of the global economy; "The Sum of Its Parts – How the IMF Lends" – financial assistance to member nations and "Korea: Conquering a Crisis" – IMF assistance to Korea following the Asia crisis.

  • Introduction
  • Out of the Ashes—the origins of the IMF;
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  • Keeping Track—the IMF's oversight of the global economy;
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  • The Sum of Its Parts—How the IMF Lends;
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  • Conquering A Crisis—the IMF's role in helping Korea overcome the Asian Crisis;
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Copyright: 2000
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Fabric of Reform
This is the story of a silent revolution in three West African countries following devaluation of their currency in the nineties. With advice and financial assistance from the IMF, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Cameroon see the short term pain of devaluation giving way to growth, new products and markets. "The Fabric of Reform" is the story of real people, shot on location, including in the storied city of Timbuktu. Study Guide Available.

TRT: 31:44
Formats: VHS, BETA
Standards: NTSC, PAL
Language Versions: English, French

Copyright: 1998
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Pathway to Growth
Following the path of economic reform, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda are working to improve the lives of their people. The International Monetary Fund is providing technical assistance and financial support. With strong visuals and interviews, "Pathway to Growth," looks at privatization in Zambia, tourism and small independent companies in Tanzania as well as coffee growing and manufacturing in Uganda.

Copyright: 1996
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Public Service Announcements (short format videos)

Your Voice, Your World - - Making the Global Economy Work for All
IMF PSAs for Singapore Annual Meetings - A series of seven public service announcements produced for the IMF/WB Annual Meetings in Singapore. The message: global cooperation, poverty reduction, monetary cooperation, international trade, global economic growth and stability.

Copyright: 2006

Problems and Goals - A public service announcement.
In Uganda, the people are becooming decision-makers as the country tackles poverty. In community meetings around the country, people tell government what they want - better health care, roads, schools and more. The goals are being realized and the light of transparency is exposing corruption.

  • Problems and Goals

Copyright: 2001

Shared Prosperity - A public service announcement.
Some of the poorest nations of the world have joined the struggle to reduce debt in their countries. With the help of the international financial community, these countries are making progress in improving living standards for their people, with better health care and education. External debt is being reduced to sustainable levels and economies are being rebuilt with sound macroeconomic policies and reforms.

  • Didactic

Copyright: 2001

STOP! - A public service announcement.
The poorest countries of the world live with hunger, disease, illiteracy, and isolation. Reducing debt means more money for health care, education, and nutrition.

  • Stop!

Copyright: 2001

The Road From Poverty - A public service announcement.
The steps are slow but steady on Uganda’s road out of poverty. Ugandans have developed their own strategy for a better future. In community meetings with national leaders, their vision of better health care, farming and education are becoming reality.

  • The Road From Poverty

Copyright: 2001

Building Links for the Common Good - Public service announcements
A series of seven public service announcements on issues of globalization, poverty and corruption. The message: poverty can be reduced with a stronger global economy, openness, honesty and transparency.

  • test

Copyright: 2000

Other Videos

Kids at the Fund
Children visit the IMF Center for a lesson plan.

  • Kids at the Fund

Copyright: 2001