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IMF News - Views and Commentaries

Views and Commentaries These articles on issues of topical interest have been written by Management and staff of the IMF for publication in the media.




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Results: 25 for "Views and Commentaries", "From: January 01, 1999 To: December 31, 1999"
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December 28, 1999  The Challenge for the Millennium: How to Consign Global Poverty to History 
December 13, 1999  Robert Mundell and the Theoretical Foundation for the European Monetary Union 
December 06, 1999  Poverty and Trade, A Letter to the Editor 
November 05, 1999  IMF Responds Again to Jubilee 2000 Coalition 
October 27, 1999  IMF Response to Jubilee 2000 Coalition 
September 30, 1999  Lessons of bank restructuring from the Asian crisis - A Commentary 
September 16, 1999  The situation in Indonesia and the IMF 
September 13, 1999  Russia: Long Climb Out of a Black Hole -- A Commentary by IMF Managing Director Michel Camdessus 
September 13, 1999  Facts About IMF Lending to Russia 
August 24, 1999  The IMF Is a Responsible Lender - A Letter to the Editor 
August 19, 1999  The IMF, Russia and Le Monde -- a Letter to the Editor by IMF Managing Director Michel Camdessus 
August 13, 1999  IMF Response to the World Gold Council 
August 05, 1999  IMF Response to Le Monde Editorial on Russia 
July 19, 1999  Cutting the Risk of Global Market Crises -- A Letter to the Editor 
July 16, 1999  Asian Crisis: Much Still Needs to Be Done -- A Commentary 
June 28, 1999  The World Financial System Must Act to Prevent Crises - A Commentary 
April 26, 1999  New Ways Eyed to Deal with International Economic Crises - A Commentary 
March 04, 1999  Solution Lies in Co-operation - A Commentary 
March 04, 1999  Asian Crisis: World Must Cooperate to Find Solutions - A Commentary 
February 08, 1999  Reality Check from the IMF - A Commentary 
January 26, 1999  The IMF and the Asian Crisis - A Letter to the Editor 
January 20, 1999  For the IMF and Others, Lessons From the Asian Crisis - A Commentary 
January 16, 1999  Abused Foreign Workers - A Letter to the Editor by Michel Camdessus and James D. Wolfensohn 
January 11, 1999  The IMF: Working for a More Transparent World - A Commentary 
January 01, 1999  Korea to Emerge Stronger than Ever - A Commentary 
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