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Information Technology

The mission of the IT organization in the IMF is to serve as a provider of value-for-money services, a leader in the application of IT to the needs of the world's central organization for international monetary cooperation, and an enabler in helping the IMF to embrace new practices and tools that enhance productivity.

Our IT Strategy

  • Key objectives of the IT organizationinclude maintaining the availability and capacity of a modern computing and communications infrastructure; ensuring the security of applications and information; ensuring that IT programs are aligned with the IMF business strategy and are actively supported and sponsored by business; and managing service delivery for cost-effectiveness and agility.
  • The provision of IT services is centralized in the IMF within the Technology and General Services Department, and led by a CIO who reports to the Managing Director of the IMF.
  • IT services are provided by a multinational staff of 120, supplemented by on- and off-shore vendors that supply services on both time-and-materials and performance-based contracts-including help desk and most application support services.
  • Our vision for IT service delivery puts IT staff in roles that reflect their accountability for the achievement of business outcomes in partnership with their business counterparts. IT staff work with business to understand their needs, design IT-enabled solutions, and manage the delivery of projects on-time and on-budget. Staff serve in roles that manage the use of project resources, require institutional knowledge or a high degree of trust, and provide a rapid response and continuity in times of trouble.

Our Work Environment, Values & Culture

The IMF is renowned for providing its staff with interesting and challenging work, a friendly and diverse culture, and superior job benefits. Work in the IT organization offers all of this and more:  

  • We promote a culture of respect, openness, and transparency
  • We support ongoing development to provide staff with challenging growth opportunities
  • We believe that staff's technical expertise needs to be complemented by equally strong interpersonal, communication and other non-technical skills
  • We believe that our staff should be well-rounded with skills that enable them to add value in multiple areas of the IT organization
  • We believe in maturing our processes and improving performance through active support of communities of practice (for example, business analysis, SDLC)
  • We believe in measuring our performance in terms of outcomes, outputs and user satisfaction, and transparently reporting on performance to stakeholders across the IMF

Our Computing Environment

The computing environment at the IMF is modern, robust and sophisticated. It is enhanced through annual investments representing about 9 percent of the IMF's total capital and administrative budgets. Key features of the IT environment include:

  • A broad and diverse portfolio of applications supporting every facet of IMF operations.  These include office productivity tools, knowledge management and collaboration systems, economic analysis and modeling tools, warehouses for economic and administrative data, publishing and dissemination systems, and applications to support finance, treasury, and human resources operations.
  • A modern applications development environment using .NET, ORACLE, SQL Server, SharePoint, XML, Rich Internet Applications
  • Desktop and laptop computers for all employees connected via high bandwidth networks to application and data servers (many of which are virtual)
  • IP telephony and a large fleet of mobile devices (Blackberries and Smart Phones)
  • 24 x 7 remote access services for staff working at home, on mission to 189 member countries, and at small offices in more than 80 member countries

Our Key IT initiatives

  • Building the IMF's capacity to communicate and collaborate, and to manage, find, and share our information assets
    • Redesigning the system for producing the World Economic Outlook
    • Building tools to improve forecasting performance and the analysis of financial risk
    • Modernizing IMF.ORG and the IMF intranet, and improving the search experience
    • Facilitating collaboration among IMF staff and with stakeholders around the world
    • Modernizing production and dissemination of the IMF's data
  • Modernizing human resource and administrative expenditure processes
    • Reengineering human resource and payment activities
    • Enhancing facilities for formulating and monitoring budgets, and implementing activity-based costing
    • Streamlining the administration and costing of IMF technical assistance
  • Maintaining a modern, cost-effective, secure, and robust IT environment
    • Upgrading computers
    • Enhancing video conferencing and field connectivity facilities
    • Examining opportunities for infrastructure outsourcing

Who are we looking for?

People who:

  • Come from diverse backgrounds
  • Are self-motivated, performance-driven
  • Have a blend of technical expertise and well-honed non-technical skills
  • Believe in "staying in school" to maintain and expand skills to rise to new challenges
  • Want to be part of a dedicated team of top-notch professionals providing first-class IT services to the world's central organization for international monetary cooperation

To search for open positions in this field, please see Current Vacancies. If there are no current vacancies, you may create a Candidate Profile through the Current Vacancies JobLink and request e-mail notification of new positions at the IMF that match your interests.