John Odling-Smee

List of Publications by John Odling-Smee


"What Went Wrong in Russia?: A top IMF official says the West's generosity may have only made the situation worse; He calls for tougher standards in future lending," 10/26/1998, The Wall Street Journal Europe


Belarus: Recent Experience and Challenges Ahead—Given at the Belarusian Academy of Management, November 6, 2001

The Economic Transition in Armenia—Given at the American University of Armenia in Yerevan, July 31, 2001.

Ukraine after 10 Years of Transition Experiences—Given at the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kiev, February 5, 2001.

"Transition and the Vested Interests"—by John Odling-Smee and Thomas Richardson, European II Department, Given at the East-West Conference—Completing Transition: The Main Challenges Austrian National Bank, November 6, 2000.

IMF Survey

"Why IMF lends to Russia," August 30, 1999 (PDF file 772kb).

"Healthy Private Sector, Rule of Law, Accountability are Key in Transition to Market Economy," September 11, 2000 (PDF file 502kb).

Finance and Development

"Political Economy of Stalled Reforms," September 2000.

Working Papers and PPAA

"The IMF and The Ruble Area, 1991-93," Working Paper 01/101

External Borrowing in the Baltics, Russia, and Other States of the Former Soviet Union—the Transition to a Market Economy PPAA/98/5

The Economic Reform Process in Russia, Working Paper 93/55