What does the IMF do?
Collecting and sharing accurate economic information

Article IV Mission to Latin America

Map of Latin America Welcome! You're a senior economist in the IMF's Western Hemisphere Department. You will act as the mission chief for this year's economic checkup, or "Article IV consultation," of a small Latin American member country. The name, "Article IV," comes from the section of the IMF's rules that all member countries have agreed to. These rules direct the IMF to keep tabs on economic policies in each member country. You will head a group of IMF staff from your department going to visit this member country. Your team will collect economic data and statistics and meet with various government and banking officials.

When you return, you will complete a report for the IMF Executive Directors. They will use your information when they discuss the country and offer it advice. If it has an economic problem, it could grow to hurt other countries. The IMF is counting on you!

Before you can go, you first must choose four other staff members to go on the mission.
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