Money Matters: An IMF Exhibit -- The Importance of Global Cooperation

Globalization and Integration (1989-1999)



Conflict &
(1871 - 1944)

Destruction &
(1945 - 1958)
The System
In Crisis

(1959 - 1971)
the System
(1972 - 1981)
Debt &
(1981 - 1989)
Globalization and Integration
(1989 - 1999)

Transition to the Free Market

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Collapse of the Soviet Union

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Recovery From Debt

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Progress in Africa

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Asia in the 1990s

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Meltdown in Asia

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European Economic Unity

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Economic and Monetary Union

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The New Millennium

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Looking to the Future

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Transition to the Free Market Collapse of the Soviet Union Recovery From Debt Progress in Africa
Asia in the 1990s European Economic Unity The New Millennium