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IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde speaking in Tunis. (Photo: Samir Kochbati/La Presse de Tunisie)

The IMF and Civil Society

IMF Managing Director Lagarde Concludes Visit to Tunisia

February 2, 2012

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde concluded a two-day visit to Tunisia, where she met with government leaders, and representatives of the private sector and the youth, as well as women leaders, civil society, and trade unions.

This was Madame Lagarde’s first visit to the region as Managing Director. “I come with a message of support to Tunisia and its people who have set an excellent example for a smooth transition to democracy. I have come to listen to our friends in Tunisia and to hear how we can best support their important transition,” said Lagarde, in a February 2 statement in Tunis at the end of her visit to Tunisia.

“This was a great opportunity to get a better sense of the profound changes that have taken place since my last visit—shortly after the Arab Spring—as a minister in France.”

Read the complete statement as well as Madame Christine Lagarde’s blog post.