Join us in providing World-Class Capacity Development

Join us in providing World-Class Capacity Development Brochure

Bilateral & multilateral donors are playing an increasingly important role in enabling the IMF to strengthen the human and institutional capacity of its member countries. Their contributions now finance about one half of the IMF's delivery of technical assistance & training. More about IMF partners in capacity development

The Japan-IMF Partnership (JSA):
Country Success Stories | 2014 Annual Report

The EU and the IMF:
Strategic Partners in Promoting Sustainable Capacity Development

Department for International Development (DFID)
Annual Report & Accounts 2014-2015

Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO)
2014 Annual Report

How do member countries request Technical Assistance?

The IMF helps its member countries design economic policies and manage their financial affairs more effectively by strengthening their human and institutional capacity through technical assistance and training >> Read More

Where are we located?

This interactive map provides a global view of our training and technical assistance centers, and regional training programs. Click on the map to find out about each designated location.

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Regional Training Program (RTP)
Regional Technical Assistance Center (RTAC)
Training Catalog 2016


An overview for each of the IMF's training centers, programs, and other training venues.

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Online Learning

Online Learning

With generous financial support from the Government of Belgium, the IMF now offers economics courses online to officials from around the world to complement its traditional training delivery. Selected courses are also open to the general public as massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Technical Assistance & Training Centers

RTACs: Regional technical assistance centers in Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, the Middle East and the Pacific.

Barbados Government Pledges Continued Support for the IMF's Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Center

RTCs/RTPs: An extensive network of regional training centers (RTCs) and programs (RTPs) offer hands-on, policy-oriented training in macroeconomics, finance, and related operational fields.

Topical Trust Funds (TTF): Topical trust funds support global IMF technical assistance on specialized thematic areas and complement the work of the IMF's regional technical assistance centers and other IMF technical assistance.

Tax Policy and Administration Topical Trust Fund (TPA–TTF):
Success Stories