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Blog: Seven Questions About the Recent Oil Price Slump

December 22, 2014

Oil prices have plunged recently, affecting everyone: producers, exporters, governments, and consumers. Overall, we see this as a shot in the arm for the global economy. There is however much more to this complex and evolving story. In this blog we examine the mechanics of the oil market now and in the future, the implications for various groups of countries as well as for financial stability, and how policymakers should address the impact on their economies. >>


Commodity Market Report

July 2014

Commodity prices rose by 0.5% in June, with gains in energy prices that were partly offset by declines in agriculture and metals. During the first six months (12/13 – 6/14), commodity prices rose 0.4% with moderate increases in energy and agriculture nearly offset by a 10% drop in metals—the latter due to weak demand and rising production capacity. A few commodities recorded large gains on supply issues, namely Arabica coffee, swine and nickel. >>


Aid and Oil

Rabah Arezki and Ritwik Banerjee

Finance & Development, March 2014, Vol. 51, No. 1

In recent years many developing economies, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, have found a new source of homegrown wealth that offers the same type of budgetary assistance as development aid—with none of the strings that donor countries often attach to how it can be used or reforms countries must make to continue receiving it. Across Africa, discoveries of large oil fields are changing the financial picture for many developing economies.¬ The paper explores the impact of these discoveries on foreign aid and offers policy recommendations.


International Conference on Food Price Volatility: Causes and Challenges Rabat, Morocco

February 25-26, 2014

The conference aims to stimulate discussion about the causes and socio-economic challenges of food price volatility. The conference will tackle both 'micro' issues such as drivers of food prices and policies to ensure food price security, as well as 'macro' issues (e.g., the appropriate monetary policy response to food and fuel price fluctuations). Leading academics and policy experts will make presentations followed by general discussions.

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