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IMF and the Youth

The International Monetary Fund listen to the concerns, expectations, and suggestions from young leaders of the world about the future of their various regions and how the IMF can serve their countries better. The IMF sees this as an important mission to actively engage with the youth—tomorrow’s leaders—and to motivate their thinking at an early stage on policy measures that affect them. This is particularly crucial at a time when challenges stemming from the financial crisis have had a high impact on unemployment for young people around the world.

As part of this initiative and effort, the Fund continues to conduct a variety of activities and dialogue both in Washington and in the regions with youth from different disciplines to exchange ideas and views. These events, including a voice at the Spring and Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, help the institution gain a better understanding of the challenges youth face. Some of these events also provide a platform for the youth themselves to come together and interact with one another and contribute by lending their voices to the dialog on the global situation and their future.

August 27, 2014


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Annual Meetings 2013 : Program of Seminars -- Emerging ...

Date: September 06, 2013


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