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Did Islamic Banks in the Gulf Do Better Than Conventional Ones in the Crisis? | iMFdirect - The IMF Blog
October 14, 2009
... Foreign banks had to follow the same rules ... has both Islamic and non-Islamic
banking — both avoided ... never permitted by the Central Bank to take ... - 122k - HTML

Islamic Finance Gears Up - Finance & Development, December 2005
December 01, 2005
... and investment activities from commercial banking. ... are often compared with
universal banks and mutual ... For instance, an Islamic bank acting as a ... - 38k - HTML

Liquidity Crisis and lending behavior of conventional and Islamic banks
January 15, 2014
... to prefer one form of banking over the ... conventional over Islamic banks because
of easy accessibility or ... If proximity of the closest bank branch or ... - 199k - PDF

Finance & Development, December 2005 - Contents - Volume 42 - Number 4
December 01, 2005
December 2005: "Latin America: A Time of Transition" is an in-depth look at the region's economic prospects and policy issues. The lead article argues that Latin America has a fresh chance to entrench growth and break the cycle of crises. Other articles examine the political and economic choices facing the region of half a billion people during an election period, the problem of persistent poverty, and the difficulties faced by the region's indigenous peoples. Country Focus spotlights Peru, while People in Economics profiles Latin American development economist Nora Lustig. Back to Basics and Picture This jointly examine remittances. Articles also cover equity in development, spending on HIV/AIDS, Islamic finance, and the chequered history of aid. - 26k - HTML

Islamic Banks and Financial Stability: An Empirical Analysis; Martin Cihák and Heiko Hesse; IMF Working Paper 08/16; January 1, 2008
January 01, 2008
... of Islamic Banking and Insurance at ...
ifi_list.php and by at ... - 273k - PDF
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Introducing Islamic Banks into Conventional Banking Systems; Juan Solé; IMF Working Paper 07/175; July 1, 2007
July 01, 2007
... fraction of the population that is under-banked. ... Understanding Islamic banking
is also essential from a ... Bank to an Islamic Bank, Shariah Standard ... - 148k - PDF
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Finance and Development: December 2010
December 01, 2010
... Kpodar The spread of Islamic banking can spur ... Hasan and Jemma Dridi Islamic
banks were more resilient than conventional banks during the ... - 29k - HTML

Islamic Banking: How Has it Diffused? ; by Patrick Imam and Kangni Kpodar; IMF Working Paper 10/195;September 1, 2010
August 01, 2010
... a share of total banking assets to ... whether the factors determining Islamic bank
diffusion shape financial sector assets toward more Islamic finance. ... - 249k - PDF
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Islamic Financial Systems - Finance & Development - June 1997 - Zamir Iqbal
June 01, 1997
... to Muslims who wish to engage in Islamic banking. ... banks or Islamic windows
of banks in Muslim ... Citibank opened its first Islamic bank subsidiary in ... - 69k - PDF

Press Release: Regional Workshop on Building an Enabling Environment for Islamic Banking and the Development of the Government Sukuk Market
December 20, 2012
... and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), organized a ... technical capacity in
Islamic Banking and Sukuk ... of Finance and Central Banks from Algeria ... - 13k - HTML

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