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Global Safety Nets: Crisis Prevention in an Age of Uncertainty ...
September 09, 2010
... Global Safety Nets: Crisis Prevention in an Age of Uncertainty. Posted ...
said: Crisis prevention in an age of unceartainty? ... - 119k - HTML

IMF Videos - Global Aging
June 09, 2011
The world’s population is getting older. Countries need to think about how fewer young people can continue to support the elderly. - 30k - HTML

Finance and Development: June 2011
June 01, 2011
... Watch video: Global aging Listen to podcast: Aging in China. ... Age of Greed:
The Triumph of Finance and the Decline of America, 1970 to the Present ... - 35k - HTML

Wising Up to the Rising Costs of Aging Populations | iMFdirect ...
August 14, 2011
... magazine explores the consequences on society of aging populations. ... these
headline numbers are important changes in the age distribution of the ... - 110k - HTML

Finance & Development June 1998 - Aging in the Asian Tiger ...
June 01, 1998
By Peter S. Heller - What challenges will the aging of populations in Asia's tiger economies pose for their social insurance and educational systems? What effects will this have on their budgets, and on their saving rates and total savings, as well as on those of the global economy?... - 32k - HTML

Aging and Financial Markets - Finance & Development ...
September 01, 2006
By W. Todd Groome, Nicolas Blancher, and Parmeshwar Ramlogan - Government as risk manager. - 39k - HTML

Gauging the Cost of Aging - Finance & Development ...
September 01, 2006
By John Bryant and Audrey Sonerson - Why population aging is not the main cause of rising government health expenditure in New Zealand. - 26k - HTML

Finance & Development, December 2010 - Emerging Markets ...
December 01, 2010
By M. Ayhan Kose and Eswar S. Prasad - These vibrant middle-income countries survived the global recession, but face bumps as they seek to solidify their place in the world economy... - 32k - HTML

Finance & Development, March 2001 - Japan: Population ...
March 01, 2001
By Martin Muhleisen and Hamid Faruqee - With Japan facing a demographic crisis, government finances--stretched to the limit to keep the economy afloat--have to cope with the rising strain on public pension and health systems. This article looks at the economic and fiscal costs of aging in Japan. - 35k - HTML

Ageing, Pension Risk Management and Financial Stability ...
February 15, 2007
The International Monetary Fund and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB, the Dutch central bank) co-hosted a seminar on Ageing, Pension Risk Management and Financial Stability to discuss with a group of high-level policy makers, private sector practitioners, and academics key issues related to ageing and pension risk management, which are increasingly important for global financial stability. - 17k - HTML

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