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Message from the Director

Mr. Sumi Since its inception in 1993, the program has targeted promising young officials from key economic policymaking agencies as part of the International Monetary Fund’s capacity building efforts. With the long-lasting support of the Government of Japan and under the administration of the IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP) in Tokyo, the JISPA has awarded graduate-level scholarships for study in Japan to around 700 officials from over 23 emerging and developing economies in the Asia and the Pacific region, including some Central Asian countries.

JISPA alumni now occupy key positions in macroeconomic agencies in the region, including senior positions in central banks and ministries of finance. Against this background, the JISPA has developed a solid reputation and established itself as a prestigious program among Asian officials. Their achievements and contribution to their countries continue to encourage junior officials, such as you, to apply for the JISPA.

The JISPA is evolving to meet the changing needs of the macroeconomic management agencies in a challenging global environment. The curriculum offered by each partnership university provides a greater focus on banking and other financial sector issues, in addition to core macroeconomics subjects. OAP also arranges various activities for scholars, including several seminars by IMF staff on topical policy issues facing the global economy.

Please review carefully the material in this brochure and contact us directly if you have questions about the scholarship program.

Chikahisa Sumi
Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
International Monetary Fund