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Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JISPA)


JISPA partnership-track application for AY2018-19 is now closed (Application Deadline: December 1, 2017)

JISPA Online Application Flow (Updated on November 14, 2017)

Thank you for your interest in the Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JSIPA). Prior to starting the JISPA online application, please read the online application flow:

1. Confirm eligibility criteria: Please read the application guidelines with great care and confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria.

2. Complete the JISPA online application system: You are requested to enter your name as in your passport and encouraged to register with your email address of your work agency. Please download a sample application form and review it before entering the information requested online.

Please prepare all the necessary information required in the application form, which is listed in the sample application form. You are requested to complete entering the information and upload all the required documents in one sitting.No changes, even due to typing mistakes, can be made after submission. If you make a mistake, you are requested to resubmit with another email address, i.e., re-enter all the information together with uploading all the required documents, then to inform OAP at of the new reference number.

Please follow the typing tips below as well as instructions provided in the online application.

  • Please capitalize the first letter in the field and make all the other letters lower case when typing, e.g.: Last Name: Nguyen
  • Please capitalize the first letter in each part of any name, if the name consists of more than one word, e.g.: Department: Department of Macroeconomic Policy
  • If a field is not relevant to the applicant, please leave it BLANK (do NOT type N/A for this field)- Please be sure to complete all required fields.
  • In the case where you have only a single name, please type this name in the field "Last Name" and then input N/A in the field "First name".
  • If you are from a branch office, please type the name of the branch office in the field of "Department". Then, the department of the branch office should be entered in the field of "Division".
  • Follow instructions on data format, such as time (MMYYYY) and phone numbers (Do not start with +), whenever stipulated on the online application form.

3. Review your application information BEFORE SUBMISSION: Once you have entered all the information required, please review it with great care. Kindly be advised that you will NOT be able to log-in to the system to change or print out the information after submission.

4. Complete the online application: To complete the online application, please click the "Submit Registration" button.

5. A single PDF file of the application materials with your reference number is to be sent: A single PDF file with your reference number, combining the application form and the uploaded materials, will be sent via email within a few days (Applicants who complete the online application before November 15 will receive the file after November 15).

6. Mail one copy of the application materials (the above-mentioned single PDF file with your reference number), together with the originals of the uploaded materials, so that your application package can reach our office no later than December 8, 2017 (the online application closes on December 1). Please do NOT include any materials in the package other than the ones which you uploaded at the time of the online application. The materials to be mailed should be identical to the ones you uploaded through the online application. Please see a checklist for further details.


  1. Your application for the JISPA can only be processed when both your online application has been submitted and when the printed copy of the above-mentioned PDF file with your reference number, together with the original of the materials uploaded, have been received by the IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in Tokyo, Japan.

  2. Please keep your reference number for future correspondence.

Once you have completed the above stage, please proceed to the online application.