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“April 2017 World Economic Outlook Seminar: CHAPTER 3. Understanding The Downward Trend In Labor Income Shares”

OAP Economic Issues Seminar

Speaker: Zsoka Koczan, Economist, IMF Research Department
World Economic Outlook April 2017

April 11, 2017
Tokyo, Japan


The Future of International Monetary System for Asia - Annual Seminar on Macroeconomic and Financial Policy Issues

IMF Seminar

Jointly organized by Hitotsubashi University and the IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Seminar Website
Speech by Mitsuhiro Furusawa, DMD, IMF

March 8-9, 2017
Tokyo, Japan


​Key Economic Challenges in Asia

OAP Economic Issues Seminar

Organized by The Policy Alternatives Research Institute, The University of Tokyo and the IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Dr. Chang Yong Rhee, Director, Asia and the Pacific Department, IMF
Mr. Alfred Schipke, Senior Resident Representative in China, IMF
Seminar Website

February 3, 2017
Tokyo, Japan


​Meeting Asia's Rebalancing and Growth Challenge: The Role of Regional Capital Market Development and Infrastructure Investment

IMF Seminar

Jointly organized by Australian Government and the IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

December 1-2, 2016
Sydney, Australia


Mynavi Global Career EXPO 2016 Winter

IMF Outreach

Speaker: Tomomi Sekioka, Senior Communications Manager, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, IMF
MyNavi Website

December 16, 2016
Tokyo, Japan


Regional Economic Outlook: Asia Pacific - Asia: Maintaining Robust Growth amid Heightened Uncertainty

OAP Economic Issues Seminar

Speaker: Ranil SALGADO, Assistant Director and chief of the Regional Studies Division, Asia and Pacific Department, IMF

December 5, 2016
Tokyo, Japan


World Economic Outlook Seminar

OAP Economic Issues Seminar

Chapter 2, Presentation by Marcos Poplawski-Ribeiro

Chapter 3, presentation by Weicheng Lian

Chapter 4, presentation by Esteban Vesperoni

October 14, 2016
Tokyo, Japan


Global Festa Japan 2016

Outreach events

OAP joined the Global Festa Japan 2016
Global Festa Japan Website

October 1-2, 2016
Tokyo Japan, Japan


Japan's Abenomics: Reload, Reset or Relaunch?

OAP Economic Issues Seminar

Presentation on policy advice on Japan by Mr. Luc Everaert

Discussant 1: Mr. Jun Saito

Discussant 2: Mr. Toshiyuki Miyoshi, head of International Organizations Division at Japan’s Ministry of Finance

Presentation by Mr. Everaert on analytical work by Japan team

Discussant 1: Mr. Atsushi Nakajima

Discussant 2: Mr. Tomoyuki Shimoda

September 27, 2016
Tokyo, Japan


Recruitment Lecture at Keio University

Lecture By Tamon Asonuma, Economist, Research Department, IMF
Tomomi Sekioka, Senior Communications Manager, OAP

July 21, 2016
Keio University, Japan


Capacity Building Seminar on Enhancing Social Spending in Support of Inclusive Growth in Asia

Jointly organized by the IMF Fiscal Affairs Department, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Seminar Website

July 14-15, 2016
Colombo, Sri Lanka


The IMF’s Outlook for the Euro Area and the U.S. - Temperate progress towards a “better” normal?

OAP Economic Issues Seminar

Stephan Danninger, Division Chief, Western Hemisphere Department, IMF

Kenneth Kang, Assistant Director, European Department

July 12, 2016
Tokyo, Japan


OAP Economic Issues Seminar: India – Outlook and Risks

OAP Economic Issues Seminar

Paul Cashin, Assistant Director, Asia-Pacific Department and mission chief to India, IMF
Volodymyr Tulin, Senior Economist, Asia and Pacific Department, IMF
Silvia Iorgova, Economist, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, IMF
Sonali Das, Economist, Asia and Pacific Department, IMF

July 7, 2016
Tokyo, Japan

IMF - World Bank Group Spring Meetings 2017

Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP)

As the IMF's window on the region, the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (OAP) contributes to economic surveillance and research, takes the lead in the IMF's on-the-ground involvement in regional cooperation, manages regional capacity building programs, and promotes the understanding and two-way dialogue of the IMF in Asia and the Pacific.

OAP Brochure (PDF)

Director: Chikahisa Sumi (Bio)

Deputy Head of Office: Giovanni Ganelli (Bio)

Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JISPA)

Scholarships for junior government officials from key economic agencies in Asia and the Pacific who wish to pursue graduate-level economics at Japanese universities. Learn More

Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Advanced Studies (JISP)

A two-year scholarship for Japanese students to pursue a Ph.D. in Macroeconomics abroad Learn More

Information from OAP

Economic Analysis
on Asia Pacific Region

World Economic OutlookWorld Economic Outlook
Global Financial Stability ReportGlobal Financial Stability Report
Fiscal MonitorFiscal Monitor
Regional Economic OutlooksRegional Economic Outlooks
Japan Article IV
FSAP (Financial Sector Assessment Program)

2012 FSAP for Japan
Japan and the IMF

Working Papers
Staff Discussion Notes
IMF Survey

"Minimum Wage as a Wage Policy Tool in Japan"
Authors: Chie Aoyagi ; Giovanni Ganelli ; Nour Tawk
"Fading Ricardian Equivalence in Ageing Japan"
Author: Ikuo Saito
"The Case for an Independent Fiscal Institution in Japan"
Author: George Kopits
"Reflating Japan: Time to Get Unconventional?"
Authors: Elif Arbatli, Dennis Botman, Kevin Clinton, Pietro Cova, Vitor Gaspar, Zoltan Jakab, Douglas Laxton, Constant Aime Lonkeng Ngouana,Joannes Mongardini and Hou Wang
"Spillovers from Japan’s Unconventional Monetary Policy to Emerging Asia : a Global VAR approach "
Author/Editor: Giovanni Ganelli ; Nour Tawk
"Portfolio Rebalancing in Japan : Constraints and Implications for Quantitative Easing"
Author/Editor: Serkan Arslanalp ; Dennis P. J. Botman
"Foreign Help Wanted : Easing Japan’s Labor Shortages "
Author/Editor: Giovanni Ganelli ; Naoko Miake
"What Can Boost Female Labor Force Participation in Asia? "
Author: Yuko Kinoshita ; Fang Guo
"How Inclusive Is Abenomics? "
Author: Chie Aoyagi ; Giovanni Ganelli ; Kentaro Murayama
"Asia’s Quest for Inclusive Growth Revisited "
Author: Chie Aoyagi ; Giovanni Ganelli
"Unstash the cash! Corporate governance reform in Japan "
Author: Chie Aoyagi ; Giovanni Ganelli

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