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Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia

National Bank of Cambodia

H.E. Mrs. Neav Chanthana, Deputy Governor, the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), fifth from left in the first row, and the NBC-JISPA Alumni
NBC Headquarters, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

vol 3. December 2013

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the JISPA, this newsletter, published quarterly for 2013, brings you up-to date information on JISPA events as well as featured alumni and scholars. JISPA provides scholarships for junior government officials of key economic agencies in Asia and the Pacific who wish to undertake graduate studies in related fields at universities in Japan.

JISPA’s 20-Year Collaboration with Recipient Countries
The third issue of the newsletter focuses on how the JISPA has contributed to human resources development from the view point of recipient agencies. It includes an interview with H.E. Mrs. Neav Chanthana, Deputy Governor of the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), to seek the bank’s perspective with regard to JISPA’s contribution. The interview also asks the NBC’s opinion about the direction that the JISPA should aim to move forward in order to continue to meet the changing needs of the NBC.

This issue also features an interview with Mr. Mubin Mirzaev, Vice Minister of Finance of Uzbekistan, as a successful alumnus. An interview with a current scholar Mr. Rana Ratul from the Reserve Bank of India is also featured. The JISPA activities during September-November, 2013, are introduced in the “JISPA Today”.

Here is the interview with H.E. Mrs. Chanthana. Read More


JISPA Seminar and Welcome Reception:

JISPA SeminarOn October 2, 2013, Mr. Ganelli gave a presentation exclusively for the JISPA scholars on The Path to Higher Growth: Does Revamping Japan's Dual Labor Market Matter?, based on his recently published IMF working paper. The topic of the dual labor market and its reform raised the interest of the JISPA scholars, which led to an active Q&A session. The scholars put forward questions and comments on both economic and social/cultural aspects of labor market reform. Read More

Alumni News

My contribution would not have been possible without the profound theoretical and empirical background which I received during my studies.

Mr. Mubin MirzaevSince 2008, Mr. Mubin Mirzaev has been the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He was a 2001-02 JISPA scholar, and graduated from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Here is an interview with Mr. Mirzaev.

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Current Scholar

I learnt from the Japanese PEOPLE new definitions of politeness, courteousness, patience, respect, tolerance, discipline, cleanliness, safety, and customer service.

Mr. Rana RatulMr. Rana Ratul is a 2012-14 scholar who is currently studying at the Macroeconomic Policy Program (Two-year), National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS). He is on study leave from the Reserve Bank of India. He loves travelling around Japan during his free time. Please read the interview with Mr. Ratul.
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JISPA Welcome Reception
October 2, 2013


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